Simple Yet Trendy Everyday Hairstyles

Simple Yet Trendy  Everyday Hairstyles

Most women put a great deal of effort into the way they look for special ocassions. However, what most of them do not realise is that looking good should be a daily priority. Your hairstyle creates a major impact on your overall look. For a lot of people, the way they look determines the way they feel. After all, we are sure you are familiar with the expression 'bad hair day', how do you think this saying came about? So if you want to make a good impression everyday, it is time you start paying attention to the way your hair look on a daily basis. Here are some hairstyles which are both stylish and easy to do.


If you are a low maintenance girl, ponytails can be a great way to keep your hair out of the way on a daily basis. But you should not settle for just a regular ponytail. Spice it up a little with scrunchies and sparkly hair accessories that go with your outfit.


For ladies with long hair, a braid is a great hairstyle if you are wearing a traditional outfit like salwar kameez or a sari. It is also a great way to reduce hair loss since your hair does not get tangled if it is in a braid. You do not necessarily have to do the boring braid that everyone does – just go to YouTube and look up “French Braids” and “Palm tree braids”. They may take a little bit of time and practice to perfect, but I guarantee that they are worth the effort!

Top knots/ buns

Most people think that buns and top knots create a non-glamorous look, but if done properly they can make you look totally hot and stylish. It can also be a great look for those of you with short hair, especially when you are wearing something traditional. All you need is a false bun that matches the shade of your hair, and you are all set to go!
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