Significance Of Sagai In Indian Weddings

Significance Of Sagai In Indian Weddings

The main purpose behind the organization of the engagement ceremony or sagai in India is to finalize the date of marriage. Rings are exchanged between the groom and the bride. The spirit of Indian traditions and customs is evident through the engagement ceremony. The occasion leads to entertainment and merry-making for you and your family, the highlights of weddings in India. Hindu marriages in India, one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, still uphold the Purana philosophy and Vedic rites.


Sagai ceremonies are always full of life and fun. You have all the curious guests of your family gathered together to witness the exchange of rings between the soon-to be married couple and so the occasion definitely calls for some dressing up. Staying true to the vibrant and colourful spirit of Indian weddings, you will see the bride decked out in opulent jewellery and beautiful traditional attire while the groom looks best when wearing a sherwani.

Shop till You Drop!

Shopping for a sagai ceremony is extremely fun. Both the families of the groom and the bride indulge in a mad shopping rush, which begins a few days before the day of the engagement. Preparations for the impending marriage are in full swing by this time. Both the groom and the bride need diverse set of clothing, accessories and jewellery for the wedding and the engagement and it is extremely thrilling (and tiresome) rushing about looking for the perfect attire for the wedding.

Engagement Ceremony in India

The sagai in Indian society is the event which indicates the start of the wedding festivities. In case of Ashirbad, the engagement ceremony is conducted several hours prior to the ‘lagna’ or time of marriage. At the sagai ceremony, the crowd consisting of the relatives, family members, friends and acquaintances of the bride and groom all bring exciting gifts for the future couple, including beautiful clothes and jewellery.

Major Highlights

The highlight of the ceremony is the phase when the would-be groom and bride come together and exchange their engagement rings specially made from precious metals such as platinum and gold. This is a very exciting moment in the life of both the people involved; it indicates the formation of a new close relation in their lives. Guests tend to cheer the young couple on.

Seek Blessings
Following the exchange, both the groom and the bride receive the blessings of the elders of both families and are treated to sweets. Dinner parties are usually held later in the day to mark the occasion of the engagement ceremony. Cakes can be cut to celebrate the occasion.

The engagement ceremony floor now comes with arrangements for dance and music. DJs and bands are hired to play various types of music that can entertain the guests and bring the crowd to their feet.

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