Shweta Rohira Opens Up About Filing For Divorce From Her Estranged Husband Pulkit Samrat


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Shweta Rohira Opens Up About Filing For Divorce From Her Estranged Husband Pulkit Samrat

It was one of the most shocking Bollywood separations. Pulkit Samrat’s estranged wife, Shweta Rohira decided to end her marriage and filed for the divorce in Bandra’s family court.

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Pulkit and Shweta’s marriage came to a bitter end only after a year of their marriage. Shweta accused Yami Gautam for breaking her marriage. She also said that her husband cheated on her! A lot of drama happened and the couple was always in news for their falling marriage.

After filing for divorce, Shweta gave an interview to one of the entertainment portals, SpotBoye. She opened her heart and shared a lot about her failed marriage and how Pulkit cheated on her! Here is the interview:

On being asked that what made her go for the divorce after such a long time of separation, she said:

“Yes, but I wanted to put a full stop to the married chapter of life. I didn't want us to be liable to each other emotionally, legally and karmically. I am done.”

So did she speak to her brother, Salman before filing for divorce? She shared:

“No. It was a very impromptu decision. Socha khatam karti hoon. Bhai (Salman) knows everything.”

Did they exchange any words in the court? She said:

“No, nothing beyond a customary 'Hi'. There's nothing left between us. What will you talk with someone when there's nothing left to talk?”

So, it was like meeting a stranger? She promptly said:

“Yeah, I don't know this Pulkit Samrat besides he being Pulkit Samrat.”

There were reports that Pulkit bashed up some photographers after he came out from the court room. Why did he do so? She said:

“I had left when it happened. So I really wouldn't know the details.”

Pulkit just lost it. Was he a violent man in the period he was married to her? She replied:

“The person I knew died long back. These things are happening post our break-up. So, somebody else should answer this question and not me.”

By 'somebody else' she means Yami Gautam who allegedly got involved with Pulkit? She diplomatically said:

“I am referring to whosoever knows him or he himself.”

She said in an interview that Yami is a home-breaker. Does she still endorse that? Again came a diplomatic reply from her:

“Who is this Yami? Main koi Yami ko nahin janti. I am going through a memory loss.”

Does she think that Yami will marry Pulkit?

“Who? (laughs).”

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If he had come back to her a day before she filed for the divorce, had she taken him back? Pat came the reply:

“No, because as I said that we were divorced emotionally and karmically long ago.”

Did it take a long time for Shweta to overcome the hurt? She shared:

“Obviously, I was hurt, an earthquake happened and everything was shattered, but I have done the re-building (pauses). I had built a sand castle and it broke. I am now going to make a new one with cement and mortar.”

So, has the lady found her Mr Right? She replied:

“I am not thinking of having a man in life so soon. Pulkit and I were two simple people whose lives got extremely complicated.”

Does she still believe in the institution of marriage? She said:

“Life has not ended. Just one chapter has come to an end.”

How important is fidelity/loyalty to her in a relationship? She said:

“Very important. I expect from my loved ones, I am a black-n-white person. I don't believe in grey.”

Stars get linked up with their co-stars. Their wives still roll along in the marriage. Couldn't she be one? She shared:

“I can't speak for others, but I am a very transparent person who expects his partner too to be transparent.”

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Is she one of those who wants 100 per cent loyalty from her partner? She said:

“Yes. Isn't it natural to expect that in marriage?”

Did she get that from Pulkit? She said:

“We wouldn't have been doing this interview, if I had got it (pauses). Many times we mistake the villain to be the hero/Prince. I too made the same mistake and chose the wrong person. But I have chilled down with time.”

Did her bad marriage with Pulkit made her averse to men? She said:

“No. True love exists, and if it is meant to happen it will happen to me. I haven't become bitter in life.”

Did she feel that life had come to an end when Pulkit walked out? She said:

“No. I have faced and overcome the biggest loss of life- the death of my father. It happened 11 years ago. If one person is not there in life, the rest who love you don't cease to be important do they?”

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Well, you are truly a very brave girl, Shweta! Your man cheated on you and you are still so positive about life and love! We pray to God that you get your Mr Right soon! More power to you! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.