Sharmin Segal Justifies Her Smiling Throughout The 'Rejection' Scene, 'It Was Dark Humour In Mind'

Sharmin Segal in a recent interview opened up why she kept on smiling throughout the 'rejection' scene in 'Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar'.


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Sharmin Segal Justifies Her Smiling Throughout The 'Rejection' Scene, 'It Was Dark Humour In Mind'

Sharmin Segal has been in the news for the past few months after the release of her web series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. Most viewers are dissatisfied with her acting in the drama and are disappointed with her behaviour and remarks in interviews. However, Sharmin has been paying no attention to negativity and is focusing on the positives. 

Sharmin Segal justifies her smiling in the 'rejection' scene 

In an interview with IndiaToday, Sharmin revealed that she interpreted scenes a certain way and acted accordingly. Talking about the 'rejection' scene, Sharmin added that she kept smiling throughout as she was smiling at misfortune in the scene. She further explained that as the medium was small, people didn't see the details, but in that scene, her eyes welled up, and there was a sad smile on her face. In Sharmin's words:

"Alamzeb's eyes are welled up; she is sad. It's very different. I am not blaming the medium, but everyone watched it on a smaller screen, hence [missed out on details]. Her eyes are welled up and moist, and there is a smile on her face because of the situation. It's like smiling at your misfortune."

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In the scene, Sharmin's character, 'Alamzeb', leaves her mother and family to be with 'Tajdaar', but the latter refuses to accept her. Throughout the 'rejection' scene, Sharmin's character maintains a smile, a choice she justifies as a form of dark humour. Her interpretation of the scene is that her character is laughing and smiling at her own misfortune, a perspective that led to her unique expressions. Sharmin further elaborated:

"'Oh, is it because I smile in that scene?' For me, Alamzeb was laughing at herself because she ran away from her house for that. It was like a sad joke one cracks on themselves. It was dark humour in my mind."

Sharmin further explained how she interpreted different scenes in the web series

In the same interview, Sharmin explained that different people react differently to situations. Some smile at their misfortune, while some may howl and cry. So, she interpreted the scenes as per her mindset and enacted them on screen. People are allowed to question her interpretation and give her feedback, as it will enable her to grow as an artist. Sharmin said:  

"People interpret things however they want to. That's why I say that it's a creative person's job to create, and an audience will interpret it the way they feel. They must think that maybe I was wrong for choosing that thought and emotion, but collectively, the director and I chose to proceed with that interpretation of that situation and put it out to an audience. Now, feedback on that, I'm very welcome to and open to. I'm very okay with feedback and criticism on that. That is constructive criticism."

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Sharmin added that every actor interprets situations according to their mindset, and so did she and her director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Although viewers had several opinions on Sharmin's acting, they all loved the series Heeramandi, so much so that it was renewed for a second season. In the second instalment, the storyline will focus on the post-independence era and how the tawaifs will find their footing in the film industry. 

Let us know your views on Sharmin's explanation of her acting.

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