'90s Actress, Shanthi Priya Reveals She Left Acting For Marriage, Says 'Pyaar Mein Pad Gaayi Thi'

'90s famous actress, Shanthi Priya for the first time talked about her quitting acting as she was in love with Siddharth Ray.


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'90s Actress, Shanthi Priya Reveals She Left Acting For Marriage, Says 'Pyaar Mein Pad Gaayi Thi'

The famous actress of the '90s, Shanthi Priya, had left acting at the peak of her career. She married South Indian actor, Siddharth Ray at the mere age of twenty-four. However, she is all set to make a comeback with a biopic of Sarojini Naidu. For the first time, Shanthi Priya talked about being a single mother after her husband, Siddharth Ray's death. 

Shanthi Priya revealed she left acting for love

Shanthi Priya acted in several famous films like Enga Ooru Pattukaran, Saugandh, Mere Sajana Saath Nibhana, Phool Aur Angaar and Meherbaan. However, she left acting to get married to Siddharth Ray. In an interview with The Times Of India, Shanthi revealed that she left acting as she was in love. She shared that she got married as she was in love and wanted to give her 1000 per cent.

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Shanthi Priya added this was the reason why she took a step back from acting. She also revealed in the '90s there was a notion that actresses should not work after getting married. 

"Pyaar me pad gayi thi (laughs), ishq me pad gayi thi (I fell in love). I was in love with the person I got married to. I truly believe in whatever I do. Jab maine shaadi ki, woh jo step liya maine, usey main apna 1000 per cent dena chahti thi . So I did that and played that character in life, which is why I had to take a step back from acting. But theyere also from the same industry, so there were no restrictions for me. In the 90s, there was a belief that you shouldn't work in the film industry after getting married. But this was not the case with me. Many actors have pursued their acting career even after marriage."

Shanthi Priya talked about being a single mother

Shanthi Priyaa and Siddharth Ray became parents of two children. However, at the age of forty, Shanti Priya lost her husband, Siddharth Ray as he had a massive heart attack. The pain of losing her husband kept haunting Shanthi for almost two years. Her children were suffering as they first lost a parent and they saw their mother go through depression. Shanthi Priya talked about being a single parent and said:

"I am a fighter. I take everything as challenge. Actually, mujhe bohot bohot taqleef hui thi (I was troubled a lot) to get myself out of that situation. I was nowhere to be found because it was a family situation for me. I was in pain for 2-3 years. The pain used to hit every time I looked at my kids. One was about 10 years old and the other one was about 4.5 years old."

Well, Shanthi Priya is definitely a warrior as she fought with life's challenges head-on! 

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