Shahnaz Hussain's Bridal Beauty Tips

Shahnaz Hussain's Bridal Beauty Tips

Shahnaz Hussain believes that if you have not planned ahead for your bridal make up, you could end up dealing with stress on the very day you want to look the best. Although nothing compares to the natural glow of happiness on a bride’s face, Shahnaz Hussain can help brides with an array of services to enhance the glow. Most of her therapies are structured on Ayurvedic principles (especially the Panchkarma therapy) and brides-to-be will not have to deal with any harmful side-effects. You can start bridal beauty packages three to four months before your wedding. However, even a month is adequate for most treatments.

Perfumed Oil Body Massages – Must-Do for a Bride

Shahnaz Hussain recommends body massages with essential oils one week prior to your big day. It is the most important day of your life and a full body massage is a great way to prepare for it. It will surely help relax both your body and mind, calming your senses so you can arrive at your wedding refreshed and raring to go. Most massages are customized as per the needs of your skin.

The Choice of the Right Henna Design

The right henna design is extremely important and Shahnaz feels that the bride should carefully select the design well in advance. This is because there is nothing you can do with the henna on your hands and legs on the day of your wedding.

Special Hair Care

Deep conditioning treatments on a monthly basis are a must, from your stylist. Brides-to-be should avoid drastic changes to hair, such as, haircuts, color, etc a few days before the wedding and most importantly, protect the hair from extremes of temperature.

Smooth Skin Secrets

According to Shahnaz Hussain, the key to smooth skin is no secret. Steam facials work wonders as they help clean the dirt trapped in the pores of the skin and release toxins too. However, the facial should be done well in advance to avoid any harsh breakout ahead of your wedding day. Some of the ingredients to a great face pack can be found in your kitchen too. You can blend an egg white and honey for a quick face pack. Cornmeal and oatmeal facial packs work very well too.

Beauty Services for a Bride

There are a number of regular beauty services including facials (as per your requirement), manicures and pedicures, waxing and hair care treatments available in bridal packages. Shahnaz Hussain has recognized that the human body and skin responds better to natural products when compared to synthetic products. She strongly believes in the use of natural fragrances of flowers and herbs for a welcoming fragrance, which provides an overworked bride some respite ahead of her big day.

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