Shah Rukh Shares How Newly Married Gauri Used To Be By His Side During His Struggling Days In Bombay


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Shah Rukh Shares How Newly Married Gauri Used To Be By His Side During His Struggling Days In Bombay

It has been more than 25 years that Shah Rukh Khan entered Bollywood and became a star within a few years! He is the king of Bollywood and he became one, without a Godfather in the industry. The only support he had in those days was that of his wife, Gauri Khan. He had his share of struggles when he came to Mumbai to become an actor.

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Shah Rukh and Gauri

The best part of his struggling days was that his wife, Gauri was always by his side in all his ups and downs. She was there to support him as his pillar of strength. Remembering his struggling days in Mumbai with his newly-wedded bride Gauri, Shah Rukh said:

“The struggle was just in the first few years of marriage. Gauri Khan was new to the film industry, so was I.“

Shah Rukh and Gauri

Explaining their initial years in Mumbai as their honeymoon period, King Khan further added:

“It's not that I married an outside girl into the film industry. Two years for us in Mumbai was like honeymoon full of bumps. There was an issue like, "You will shoot 6 in the morning?"

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

Recalling an incident from his struggling days and how Gauri waited for him, Shah Rukh said:

"I remember the first night when we actually came to Mumbai after about five-seven days. She spent that evening fully dressed, she wore chooda and Indian dress, and came to Film City and was there till 6 where Hema Ji was directing my film."

Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan

SRK further added:

"One of the actors got late as it happens in the shoot and we wrapped by 8 instead of 6. There were no mobile phones, so I sent her a cab as I didn't own a car and said, 'Please come over and sit here because I am really sorry, this has taken a little bit.”

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

Their bond has grown with time. The couple has been married for 25 years now and they have seen various phases of life together – struggle, success, failure; everything!

Shah Rukh with wife Gauri

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Talking further about how Gauri struggled along with him in his tough days in Bollywood and waited for him to get free from his shoot on their second day in Mumbai, Shah Rukh added:

"She sat on her second night in Mumbai in Film City's makeup room. They were damp and dingy then, still, she sat there till in the morning and came back. I guess that kind of made her realise as angry as it may have got her, 'This is the life.”

Shah Rukh and Gauri

Although Gauri used to get angry with his odd working hours, she was always there for him. Talking more about it, SRK said:

"We both were very new yaar, I was 25-26, and she was 21. It was extremely new for her. So, those 2 years, cooking omelettes for each other, it just passed off."

Shah Rukh and Gauri

He also shared how their life changed after he got famous and gained stardom. Talking about being successful in Bollywood after almost two years of struggle and how it affected their life, Shah Rukh said:

 "Post that I became such a success, though none of us materialistic, my success became part of the family. There's a wife, now there are three children, there's a sister and there's a stardom. So, we all live together now."

Shah Rukh with family

Well said Shah Rukh, you never let your stardom get into your head and turn into ego! You have always been humble and grounded. Talking more about how he and his family take stardom, he said:

"We take stardom as we take each other's success and failures with all love and care. It is all acceptable now. In the family group of six, there's the seventh which is kind of bigger than the other six."

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