Shah Rukh Khan Never Has A Contract While Working On A Film Neither Charges Any Payment: Karan Johar

As a video from one of the interviews with Karan Johar went viral, he can be heard saying that Shah Rukh Khan never used to have a contract and many other anecdotes, which are simply shocking.


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Shah Rukh Khan Never Has A Contract While Working On A Film Neither Charges Any Payment: Karan Johar

Shah Rukh is undoubtedly one of the legendary actors of his generation. He has not only swooned millions of hearts with his iconic stretched-arm pose but his acting, action skills, and onscreen presence are simply worth mentioning. In addition, he is known for his humble nature and is said to be the most loved actor in the industry. Besides his worldwide popularity, the Bollywood Badshaah also has made some cherishable relations within the B-town. One such close friend of his, Karan Johar, opened up about certain unknown facts about him, which once again proved why SRK is celebrated worldwide.

Karan Johar reveals unknown anecdotes about his close friend, Shah Rukh Khan

A video from one of the interviews with Karan Johar with the portal, Mid-day went viral on social media. In the video, the filmmaker can be heard revealing many unknown facts about Shah Rukh Khan, which are simply shocking. At the beginning of the video, the interviewer can be heard saying, "You worked with Shah Rukh Khan, the biggest star of the time." To this, Karan immediately added, "Shah Rukh's journey and my journey were all together. 94 was my assistance, his stardom was 92 or 93." The interviewer pointed out, "Dar would be his breakout." Soon, Karan talked about his friendship with Shah Rukh and said:

"Yeah, and we were on set with him in 1994. So it was like Adi (Aditya Chopra), me and him (Shah Rukh Khan) were like friends. That super stardom energy, I have seen Shah Rukh's entire growth infront of me and felt a part of it. I didn't meet him as a movie star. I met him as a young vibrant actor with so much promise."

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Shah Rukh Khan Best friend Karan Johar

As the video progressed, the interviewer asked Karan, "Speaking with which getting paid, did you pay Shah Rukh for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil?" To this, Karan in a nodding manner, mentioned, "No, neither for Brahmastra where he shot for 14 days." Undoubtedly, the interviewer was shocked to learn that SRK worked for absolutely free for 14 days and quipped, "14 days for free?" However, Karan confirmed the same once again and said: 

"With Shah Rukh that's our relationship."

But the interviewer wasn't convinced and once again asked Karan, "You must have gifted him something." To this, Karan mentioned how SRK never used to have any contract paper while working on a film with him, and whatever is decided as his payment in words, he used to accept the same without even asking anything else for it. Then, as the interviewer mentioned, "Not a piece of paper", Karan affirmatively added, No, I don't have any detail paper. Whatever is said and it's done!" Explaining his relationship with SRK, Karan shared:

"Ofcourse, I give him clothes, he loves clothes. But like Shah Rukh's there is no such thing as money exchange. What I do, and what he does, there is no money involved. I don't think he has ever asked me for money for the film he has done. Whatever is given is given. Our contract with Shah Rukh is - Its a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much and that's great contract. There's no contract and we don't have a contract. I don't have any of it."

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Shah Rukh Khan Best friend Karan Johar

To watch the video, click here.

When Karan Johar recalled his first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan

November 2, 2021, marked Shah Rukh Khan's 56th birthday. Thus, Karan Johar took to his Instagram handle and shared a memorable picture with his BFF as a token of their friendship. However, it was his heart-melting note in the caption that left the internet in meltdown. Karan recalled his first-ever meeting with Shah Rukh on the sets of the film, Karan Arjun, and thanked him for shaping his career. His note could be read as:

"I met him on the sets of Karan Arjun for the first time …. I tagged along with my father to hang out with Kajol… not realising i was going to meet a man who would go on to shape my life , my career and my very being ….his charisma and intelligence is a globally known fact … but I have the privilege of witnessing his humanity and heart."

Shah Rukh Khan Best friend Karan Johar

What do you think about Shah Rukh Khan's way of dealing with payments while working with his close friends? Let us know!

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