Shah Rukh Khan's Daughter, Suhana Khan Looks Exactly Like Him And This Photo Collage Is A Proof

A fan-made photo collage of Shah Rukh Khan and Suhana Khan proves that the father-daughter duo share a striking resemblance with each other!


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Shah Rukh Khan's Daughter, Suhana Khan Looks Exactly Like Him And This Photo Collage Is A Proof

When a baby is born, the parents and their respective families start to wonder who the baby looks like. From the eyes to nose to lips, everyone starts guessing about the baby’s resemblance. While at first, the baby might look like his or her mother, later the child might look like his or her father as with the growth, a baby changes his or her features. We are sure Shah Rukh Khan’s little princess, Suhana too must have gone with this because one look at her makes us feel she looks like her mother, Gauri Khan and the other makes us feel that she is a replica of her father! Well, there won’t be any confusion any more as we have proof! (Also Read: Gauri Khan Flaunts Her 'Sindoor' In This Candid Romantic Video With Her Husband, Shah Rukh Khan)

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan had welcomed their little princess, Suhana Khan on May 22, 2000, and the beautiful girl has won millions of fans because of her infectious smile, good looks and talented genes. We simply can’t wait for Suhana to start her journey in the Bollywood industry and the star kid is also preparing herself for her career in Bollywood. Suhana has many fan pages, and they always try their best to dig deep into her personal life and churn out some hidden information.

Shah Rukh and Suhana

It is a long debate amongst Suhana Khan’s fans if the lady resembles her father or her mother. Well, not anymore as we stumbled upon a picture collage of Suhana and Shah Rukh Khan that proves that the father and daughter are lookalikes. In the photo collage, on the left hand, we can see a picture of Suhana, whereas, on the right hand, we can see a picture SRK from his early days in Bollywood. The father and daughter’s photo collage proves their striking resemblance as looking carefully you can see that they share similar nose, lips and eyes. Take a look:

Shah Rukh Khan And Suhana Khan

Earlier on Twitter, a fan of Suhana Khan had posted a collage of her monochrome picture with her paternal grandmother’s black-and-white photo and in no time, netizens had tweeted their views on the uncanny resemblance between them. The picture of Shah Rukh Khan’s mother from her early days had proved that she was an epitome of grace and elegance, and now we know where did Suhana get it from. A fan had written, “Suhana has a glimpse of her grandma on her face #ShahRukhKhan #SuhanaKhan.” Another one had commented, “Just like grandma.” (Recommended Read: Shah Rukh Khan's Son, AbRam Khan Narrates A Hindi Poem In His Online Class In This Adorable Video)

Suhana Khan

It was in 2018 when Shah Rukh Khan had completed 26 years in the industry and to mark the special occasion, he had posted a video comprising of what he has learnt over the years. Reminiscing Suhana’s birth and how the millennium had brought two babies to him, Shah Rukh had said, "The new millennium brought in two new babies. One was a pretty girl we named Suhana lovingly. "Pleasantness", love, happiness. The second was Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani. This year taught me the importance of risk-taking and obviously, the beauty of fatherhood all over again." Indeed Suhana is one pretty girl, making people drool over her smile and gorgeous dusky looks.

During an interaction with David Letterman, SRK had proved that he cannot stand any other 'man' in his daughter's life. He had shared that he loves solving every problem of his kids, but hates it when the problem is related to a 'boyfriend or girlfriend'. Shah Rukh had said, "I sort out all their problems and hate it when they have boyfriend/girlfriend problems. I just want to say 'kick that person out' but you know then I say, 'in life, it happens that you have to give and take in relationships darling.' I hate explaining it to her. I want to tell her this guy is no good. But I have to sometimes choose presents for him which is like the worst thing possible. 'Papa what do you think he'll like?' Oh, he'll like a 'enacts punch' on his face." (Must Read: Unseen Photo Of Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri Khan As She Flaunts Mangalsutra-Chooda On Wedding Reception)

Well, Suhana surely has got more genes from Shah Rukh Khan’s side!

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