Shaan Reminisces Memories Of Best Buddy, KK On Latter's First Death Anniversary, Shares Nostalgia

It's been a year to the tragic death of popular singer, KK. And now, his best friend, Shaan remembers him and shares fond memories!


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Shaan Reminisces Memories Of Best Buddy, KK On Latter's First Death Anniversary, Shares Nostalgia

Krishnakumar Kunnath, a.k.a KK, was one of the most celebrated singers, and it's hard to believe that just a year back, on the same day, he left the mortal planes for his heavenly abode. The singer, with millions of chartbusters in his discography, was loved by fans from across the generations and even to date, his songs are sure to strike a chord in the hearts of many. And now, on his first death anniversary on May 31, 2023, his best friend and frequent co-singer, Shaan, shared some fond memories of the talented star.

Shaan recalls KK to be his family, recalls the late singer having a perfect work-life balance

In a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, eminent playback singer, Shaan opened up about his best friend-cum-colleague, KK, on his first death anniversary. Among other fond memories with him, Shaan mentioned how KK was like his family and revealed it took him the longest time to believe that the news of KK’s death was true and not a prank. Moreover, he spilt beans on the late singer’s ability to strike a perfect work-life balance which was unfathomable for many of his contemporaries. In his words:

“KK and I were like family. So when I heard the news about his death last year, I was in disbelief. I thought it was a prank. But when I realised it was true, I was shattered. He was among the most disciplined people around. He wouldn’t smoke or drink, and was perfect as far as striking a work-life balance was concerned. The fact that he’d get a heart attack was something no one could believe. I can’t believe it’s been a year since he left us.”

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Shaan spoke about KK’s guarded personal life away from social media glare

Going further in the interview, Shaan recalled how despite being in an age where absolutely everything is kept in the foreground of social media, KK was a tad bit different as he liked to keep things private regarding his personal and family life. Revealing how KK would lock himself out of connectivity during vacations with family, Shaan revealed:

“He was not a social person. He was not on WhatsApp or social media. In fact, he wouldn’t even take phone calls while vacationing. He wouldn’t attend parties, as he felt parties mein koi serious conversations nahin hoti. He preferred meeting people one-on-one and having engaging chats. Now that he’s gone, there are so many memories and things he said that I recall. I also realise that a lot of stuff that he’d say casually had such deep meaning. But he’d say it so causally that it didn’t come across as something so meaningful back then.”

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Shaan remembered his last meeting with KK

Shaan and KK have been a hit playback duo and have recorded some of the most iconic songs, including It’s The Time To Disco, Dus Bahane, and Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe, among others. And indeed so, the former’s demise has made a massive impact on Shaan’s life, as he considered it a personal loss. Recalling the last meeting with the late singer, Shaan opened up about seeing him healthy, hearty and full of life. In his words:

“He was looking his usual young self, and I complimented him for that. He looked so happy. He had upped his live gigs and was enjoying getting back on stage after the pandemic.”

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Shaan shares his emotional experience on singing duets with KK alone

Loosing a best friend of so many years is quite painful and Shaan has experienced the same. Looking back on the times he had spent with the late singer, he feels nostalgic now on the good old days. Moreover, he revealed how he felt extremely emotional of having to sing his previous duet songs with KK, now alone on the stage. Finally, he concluded by highlighting how KK's musical renditions feel all the more connected and that his musical melody and soulfulness continues to live on.

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What do you think about Shaan’s bonding with KK?

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