Saqib Saleem Lashes At Payal Ghosh For Dragging His Sister, Huma Qureshi In Anurag Kashyap's Quarrel

Bollywood actor, Saqib Saleem lashed out at Bollywood actress, Payal Ghosh for dragging his sister, Huma Qureshi's name in Anurag Kashyap's #MeToo controversy. Find out!


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Saqib Saleem Lashes At Payal Ghosh For Dragging His Sister, Huma Qureshi In Anurag Kashyap's Quarrel

While on one side, the Bollywood industry had suffered heavily from the untimely demise of many popular stars. The controversies about the drug nexus in the 'Maya Nagri' and #MeToo has raised a lot of fingers-on industry's working cycle. However, not everyone in Bollywood is corrupted or a part of the ongoing controversy, but we have seen the names of some innocent celebs getting maligned in the process of finding justice by fans and media. (Recommended Read: Rashmika Mandana's Cute Wish On Rumoured Beau, Vijay Deverakonda's Mom's 50th Birthday Is Pure Love)

The ongoing #MeToo controversy going around the famous director, Anurag Kashyap after some serious allegations from the actress, Payal Ghosh is leading all the headlines at the moment. However, the actress had also dragged the name of popular Bollywood actress, Huma Qureshi in the scandal, which has angered her brother, Saqib Saleem and the doting brother has expressed his strong views on the same in his recent interview. Scroll down to read it all!

In an interview with BollywoodLife, the young actor, Saqib Saleem has clearly stated that his sister is a strong woman and will surely come out victorious from this weird, non-deserving, and traumatic situation. He said, "My sister is a really, really strong woman, and I think whatever statement has been put out by her is self-explanatory. I don't think we need to get into anything else besides that. As a brother, does it irritate me about her name being unnecessarily dragged into whatever this is (the sexual harassment allegation and case against Anurag Kashyap by Payal Ghosh), yes, a 100%, but I'm sorry these are the weird times we live in."

Going further in his interview, Saqib also talked about the ongoing social media trials and why he thinks that we as a society need to pause for a second to do some self-assessment. He stated, "I think, we as a society need to sit down and think where we are headed rather than...(pauses) Well, I don't want to get into these social-media battles or these twitter trials that are happening. I'm very happy with my family, my sister, with my friends, and I want to keep it like that." (Don't Miss: Sunil Gavaskar's Dig At Virat Kohli's Wife Anushka Sharma During Commentary Didn't Go Well With Fans)

When the actor was asked about his take on the constant pressure on every celebrity to choose a side in every ongoing controversy in the country, Saqib clearly stated that he's an actor and not a politician or a leader, that's why he doesn't need to have an opinion on everything, and it should be a personal choice and not a mandatory thing. Explaining the same, he said, "We are actors, you should know us by our work. We are not politicians or leaders that we have to give an opinion on any and everything. There are a lot of good things said about us, but there'll be some things that we don't enjoy, which are being written about us. But that is the responsibility of journalists and media (in general), how that is portrayed."

In the end, the Rangbaaz actor talked about the condition of Indian journalism and how it has changed in recent years and has become more about running propaganda. Saqib said, "I think what needs to look into is the journalism of this country, and I'm not talking about you (gestures towards our anchor), but I'm saying in general. I think our journalism has gone to the dogs. We are not running news, and we are running a narrative, we are running propaganda stories, I don't know what has happened to society." (Also Read: Hardik Pandya's Wife, Natasa Stankovic And Son, Agastya Cheer For Him Ahead Of His Match)

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