Sanjay Dutt Once Spoke Of His Past Life Where He Was A King, Revealed How Karma Came Back To Him

Throwback to the time when Sanjay Dutt claimed that he happened to be a king in his previous birth and had suffered the karma for his deeds in his past life.


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Sanjay Dutt Once Spoke Of His Past Life Where He Was A King, Revealed How Karma Came Back To Him

Sanjay Dutt is one of the most legendary actors in Bollywood. Son of talented actors, Sunil Dutt and Nargis, Sanjay has etched an unforgettable mark in the legacy of Indian cinema. He made his debut with the film, Rocky and hasn’t looked back on his career since. Speaking of his personal life, Sanjay has suffered quite a few spells of unfortunate tragedy, before settling down at peace. Well, after his mother, Nargis’ death in 1981, Sanjay was completely shaken. Thereafter, his first wife, Richa Sharma passed away in 1996. Finally, the actor even got arrested under the TADA Act for the 1993 Bombay blasts. Fast forward to today, Sanjay is leading a peaceful life with his dearest wife, Maanayata Dutt, and the duo is parents to their twins, Saharan and Iqra.

When Sanjay Dutt revealed that in his past life, he was an Ashokan king

In one of his previous interviews on the celebrity chat show, Koffee With Karan, Sanjay mentioned that he came across a community in the city of Gangavati in Karnataka, who can read a person’s past life with just their thumb impression. Recalling his experience of the same, the actor mentioned that while at first, he did not believe in their revelations, he was shocked when they could tell the name of his parents, without even knowing them. He mentioned:

“A friend of mine lives in Gangavati. He told me about Shivnaari. It’s about two hours away from Madras, and out there, they only know Rajinikanth. They don’t know anyone else. It is a small village, and over there you give your thumb impression, and they find your leaf. They found my leaf, and they said your dad’s name is Balraj Dutt and I said no it is Sunil Dutt. And then they said your mother’s name has to be Fatima Hussain, and who knows that? I tried to say no, but he said no, it’s impossible.”

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Sanjay shared that he came to know that in his past life, he was a king who murdered his wife

Sharing more about the same experience, Sanjay then mentioned how when the people from their community read his leaf, the actor was informed that he was a king from the Ashoka dynasty in his past life, where his wife had an affair with his minister. However, when he caught hold of their secret affair, he immediately killed both his wife and minister, renounced the world and starved himself to death in the forest. In his words:

“So, I found my leaf, and he said I was a king in the Ashoka dynasty. My wife had an affair with my minister, and she sent me away to war to get killed. But I killed a lot of people, and I came back, and I found out, and I killed her, and I killed him as well. I was a Shiv bhakt, so I went into the forest and starved myself to death.”


Sanjay believed that his past karma came back as the troubles of his current birth

Concluding his remarks, Sanjay Dutt had asserted his belief that although in his previous birth, he was a righteous king, who served justice, nevertheless, the wrongful killings that he did as a warrior in his past life came back as karma in his new life, that took the embodiment of all his troubles in life. Elaborating more, Sanjay had concluded:

“That’s why I was born into a good family, and that’s why I live the way I live. That’s why I have this career, but all the killings I did in my past life, I had to pay for them.”

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When Sanjay revealed an incident that left him completely shocked over his drug addiction

In one of his earlier appearances on the show, Rendezvous With Simi Garewal, Sanjay Dutt had reminisced about his youthful days, when he had drowned in the sea of alcohol and drug addiction. He mentioned how one fine day, he woke up and asked his cook to prepare something for him. However, on hearing his voice, the cook broke down in tears in shock. When Sanjay enquired, the latter told him that the actor had actually woken up after two days.


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