Sameera Reddy Talks About Embracing Motherhood, Shares Her C-Section Child Birth Story

The journey of being a mother is a magical process, nine months of pain and a lifetime of happiness! Scroll down as Sameera Reddy shares her c-section delivery story.


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Sameera Reddy Talks About Embracing Motherhood, Shares Her C-Section Child Birth Story

There is no greater joy than giving birth to the bundle of your joy! And while the magical process includes many sleepless nights and dizzy days, it is all worth it, in the end. After all, no one ever claimed that motherhood is an easy ride, and mind you, it gets more bumpy with the passage of time. Recently, Bollywood actress, Sameera Reddy became a mother for the second time. (Recommend Read: Mishkat Varma's Rumoured Girlfriend, Aneri Vajani Comments On His And Nephew, Izaan's Picture)

Yes, Sameera got blessed with a baby girl on July 12, 2019. And we totally enjoyed the new version of 'Sameera' as she gives out body positivity message and embracing our true self. She rocked her maternity fashion and flaunted her baby bump like a diva.

Sameera Reddy

Recently, in an interview with SpotboyE, the actress opened up about embracing motherhood for the second time, and shared her childbirth story. Sameera said, "I was on an ad shoot on Thursday, and in fact, my doctor had just checked me on Wednesday. I am at Women's Hospital in the able hands of Dr Gayatri Rao. She had said that we could go ahead with a C-section as it was required in my case and I should tell her when I would like to get it done. I said, 'Let's do it on Friday. As such, yesterday was Ekadashi- a very big, holy day. My husband clicked pictures in the labour room. He clicked his first selfie with our daughter." (Also Read: Bruna Abdullah Secretly Marries BF In 8th Month Of Her Pregnancy, Reveals The Most Special Moment)

Sameera further shared that they haven't yet decided the name of their baby, "We haven't decided on the name yet. We will follow the rashi system." She also revealed how her son Hans has been taking his big bhaiya role seriously, and said, "My son (Hans) has already become so protective about his sister. I am so thrilled to see that."

Sameera Reddy's baby is kicking away

She was further quoted as saying, "She hasn't come out dusky like me. She is fair and lovely. My husband is a very private person. We both are over-the-moon. My daughter is a superstar." Sameera also shared that her husband, Akshai Varde has been a hands-on daddy, "I didn't have a nanny when my son was born, so he is far more closer to me. I am a hands-on mother. But yes, I have a good support system from my inlaws. I don't think I will have a nanny this time around too, but might have to choose one as my work has increased. Waise, my husband too is a hands-on father."

Talking about her second pregnancy journey, Sameera stated, "I enjoyed my second pregnancy. I frequently sent out messages that the bump is not ugly but something that all pregnant ladies need to be proud of. I had even shot a video Imperfectly Perfect in this regard and got a terrific response from women and even those who were not pregnant. There is so much shaming of every kind going out there. Everybody is just out to harm each other even otherwise and sadly not doing anything constructive either. There is a lot of viciousness all around us in every strata and sphere of life. It's all coming out so starkly. It's all coming out to exhibit that people have become so spiteful and scheming. It's shameful. We need to end it ASAP."

In an earlier interview with SpotboyE, Sameera had talked about her first pregnancy and how she used to hide all the weight. She had shared, "In my first pregnancy, I was very shy and thought about a lot of things but now I feel it's very different. I remember I used to cover up a lot during the first pregnancy now I'm like bring it on. I can also be hot when I'm pregnant. So it's just a matter of mindset."

In another interview with the IANS, Sameera had shared she was close to 102 kilos after the birth of her son and it took a toll on her. She had shared, "From being that 's**y Sam', I went to this. I put on 32 kg up to and couldn't recognise myself. I was a complete mess. I would leave the house and they said, 'Is this Sameera Reddy? What happened to her?' That pushed me into a further hole. Everyone knew I was feeling depressed, but I was a good mother."

Sameera Reddy shamed for flaunting her baby bump

She had further stated, "To top it all, I got this auto ailment called Alopecia areata, which made me lose patches of my hair after almost six months of giving birth. But it did not have anything to do with my pregnancy. I worked very hard. I got help in terms of therapy and understood that I was lost and confused as a person. What I was as an actor and where I am today as a mother and a wife." (Don't Miss: Shivashish Mishra Reveals His Relationship Status With 'Bigg Boss 12' Co-Contestant, Jasleen Matharu)

Well, we cannot wait to see a glimpse of Sameera and her baby girl! What about you?

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