Salman Khan Shares The Story Behind The Blue Stone Bracelet He Wears, Reveals Who Gifted It To Him

Salman Khan wears a bracelet with a blue stone. The actor revealed who had gifted it to him and the story behind the stone. Watch the video here!


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Salman Khan Shares The Story Behind The Blue Stone Bracelet He Wears, Reveals Who Gifted It To Him

Every now and then, Salman Khan hits the headlines, be it for his movie releases or his reality show stint, Bigg Boss or any controversial issues or other. Over the years, the Tiger Zinda Hai actor has given us one after another hit films and kept us entertained. However, this time Salman Khan is leading the headlines for his bracelet.

Salman Khan is a brand name in the Hindi film industry. Whatever he does, whatever he wears becomes a trend, a trademark, and millions of people try to follow the same path. Among all the other things, one thing he flaunts is his blue stone bracelet Have you ever wondered the story behind it? Well, read on to know more about it.

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In a throwback video at an international event, Salman Khan was asked about his bracelet by a media person. Responding to the question, the actor had revealed a small story behind the blue stone that he wears and had even mentioned who had gifted him. Salman had said:

“My father (Salim Khan) has always worn this. And growing up, it used to look cool on his hand... how kids play with things, I used to play with his bracelet. And then when I started off like working, he got me the exact one. This stone is called firoza. Apparently, there are only two living stones, that's what they say. One is akik and one is firoza – this is the turquoise (firoza)."

Further adding to that, Salman had stated that the stone can sense negativity and thus, it gets cracked every time it senses evil. He had even shared it was his seventh stone at that time. Salman had added:

“What happens with this is that if there’s any negativity coming onto you, first, this takes it, it gets veins in them and then it cracks. This is my seventh stone.”

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Before Salman's birthday on 27th December 2021, Salman Khan was bitten by a non-venomous snake at his Panvel farmhouse and was admitted to the hospital for some time. After his quick recovery, Salman had given an interview to ANI where he had said:

“When my dad came to know about this incident, he called to ask if the snake was fine and alive. So I told him, 'Tiger and the snake both are alive.' He asked if we hurt the snake. I said, 'We didn't, we handled it with utmost care and love and left it in the jungle.'”


Salman Khan is close to his mother, Salma and father, Salim Khan. In a throwback interview with the Filmfare, Salman Khan had talked about how his mother, Salma Khan was hurt with his father, Salim Khan’s second marriage to Helen. After Salim’s second wedding, Salma had accepted his decision without making an issue. Salman had mentioned that he used to hate how his mother waited for his father to come home. He had said:

"I can’t bear to see her unhappy. She was very hurt when my father married again; I’d hate it when she’d wait up for him to come home. Then, gradually, mom started accepting it. Dad explained to us that he still loved mom and that he’ll always be around. I was about 10 at that time and it took us quite some time to really accept Helen aunty. Today she’s a part of our family."


Now, we know the story behind the blue stone bracelet. What do you think about it?

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