Saif Ali Khan Opens Up About How He Bought Back Pataudi Palace, His Royalty And Inheritance

The term 'Nawab' perfectly fits on actor, Saif Ali Khan, who is all about perfection. Recently, in an interview, he opened up about his royalty, inheritance and how he took back his Pataudi palace.


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Saif Ali Khan Opens Up About How He Bought Back Pataudi Palace, His Royalty And Inheritance

Born with a silver spoon- this term perfectly fits for somebody who has inherited royalty from his/her childhood. And then there are some who have to fight for their rights and even their royalty. Same has been the case with Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan. Born to cricketer, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and actress, Sharmila Tagore, Saif despite being born as a royal had to take back his royalty and it was not inherited to him or his siblings. (Recommended Read: Sooraj Pancholi Opens Up About His Father, Aditya Pancholi And Kangana Ranaut's Relationship)

A mere look at the Pataudis and we can’t stop ourselves from gushing over the fact that they are indeed royal. Saif Ali Khan has proved his ability and skills in acting and has made his name in Bollywood with his talent and was not a product of nepotism. His breath-taking roles and power-packed performances have made him the Nawab of Bollywood. Saif is married to actress, Kareena Kapoor Khan and they both are living their happily ever after with their tiny tot, Taimur Ali Khan. But do you know that the Pataudi palace that they visit for their outings was earned back by Saif from a hotel chain company?

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For the unversed, the Pataudi Palace in Delhi was rented to a hotel chain post the death of Saif Ali Khan’s father, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. In an interview with the Mid-Day, Saif revealed how he earned back the Pataudi palace. He revealed, “People have a certain fixed notion. For that matter, even with Pataudi palace, when my father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi died, it got rented to Neemrana Hotels. Aman Nath and Francis Wacziarg used to run the hotel. Francis passed away. He’d said that if I wanted the palace back, I could let him know. I said: ‘I want it back’. They held a conference, and said, ‘okay, you have to give us lots of money!’ Which I then consequently earned.”  

Saif Ali Khan further talked about earning his own place back which he should have inherited. He further revealed, “So, even the house I’m supposed to have inherited has been earned back through money from films. You can’t live off the past. At least we can’t in our family, because there was nothing. There is history, culture, beautiful photographs; and, of course, some land. It has been a privileged upbringing. But there’s been no inheritance.”    


Childhood phase always remains close to a child’s heart and he/she cherishes it the most throughout his/her life. Saif Ali Khan during the interview also talked about his childhood and said, “I was born and even raised in Bombay. My father lived with my mother in her Carmichael Road flat. He had just finished playing cricket. His last Test series was when I was four/five. My mother actor, Sharmila Tagore says he was bunking his responsibilities. His mother was looking after things in Bhopal and Pataudi. She’d got old. So, we moved to Delhi to live with her. It was a nice, big old house in Delhi, which she had been given for her lifetime, in return for land, property and other kinds of deals that these old [royal] families had made with the Indian government.” (Suggested Read: Sana Khaan Unfollows BF Melvin Louis And Deletes All His Pictures From Instagram, Here's Why)

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In May 2019, Saif Ali Khan had appeared on actor, Arbaaz Khan’s chat show, Pinch and had talked about his personal life. Saif revealed the reason behind his father having two surnames and how he has never been interested in being a Nawab. He had said, “So, at the age of 5, I asked my father, 'why do you have two names?' to which he replied, 'I was born Pataudi but after 1971, it changed to Khan. So, this is my name now and that is your name as well. You are Khan. This is how we were brought up and I think people should know about it. I have never been interested in being a nawab. I prefer eating kebabs.”

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In an interview with, Saif Ali Khan’s mother, Sharmila Tagore had revealed that Saif was not like his father, Tiger (Mansoor Ali Khan’s nickname). She had stated, “In the beginning he was in total awe of Tiger. But the relationship developed. You know, Tiger never saw his films, when he did see Omkara it was on a TV screen. But he supported him completely. Yes, initially Saif did have a sense of rebellion, but later, he wanted to be like Tiger, like his father.”

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Sharmila ji had further talked about whether Saif and Mansoor were alike in anyways and had added, “Not at all. Tiger was reserved, focused, exclusive. He could rule out people he did not like. Saif, on the other hand, is hail fellow well met, gregarious. He talks to everybody. Now, however, he seems more tending to find a balance between what he was and what his father was like. He is getting more choosy, more focused.” (Do Read: Varun Dhawan's Girlfriend, Natasha Dalal Opens Up On Her Love Story And Marriage)

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We wish Saif Ali Khan, lots of success for his upcoming projects.      

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