Saif Ali Khan Calms Down An Irritated Taimur Ali Khan At The Airport, Gives Us Major 'Daddy Goals'

Taimur Ali Khan is a frequent flyer and a constant company to his star parents, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. A latest gesture of Saif for Taimur at an airport will make you love them more!


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Saif Ali Khan Calms Down An Irritated Taimur Ali Khan At The Airport, Gives Us Major 'Daddy Goals'

Apart from an awesome camaraderie, what is the one thing that you love the most about Bollywood celeb couples? Their little patooties', right? Born with a diamond spoon and already a spotlight garner from their very birth, how we love to see our favourite stars' day-to-day updates! And what happens when we merge star kid, our favourite, pap favourite and spotlight garner? We are reminded of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's almost 3-year-old dollop of happiness, Taimur Ali Khan! (Do Read: Rani Mukerji Talks About How She Saves Daughter, Adira From Paparazzi Culture, Says She Is Her Pap)

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's dating spree had created a lot of buzzes and the same continued when the duo got married. A few years later, on December 20, 2016, Taimur Ali Khan was born to them. Ever since his first-ever picture was officially introduced, we all remember going all gaga over the almost golden-haired, grey-eyed munchkin! But little did we know that Taimur will one day, supersede his star parents' stardom, already! Paps keep a tab of every move that Taimur makes and how we love to see this little one growing up. The apple of his parents' eye, this latest update about Taimur will make you go weak in your knees!

Kareena Saif and Taimur at Pataudi Palace

Taimur Ali Khan is hardly 3-years-old and has seen the world (literally) than most of us have even doodled in our notebooks about our dream places! A frequent flyer and a constant company to his star parents, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, the little one was recently spotted with his dear daddy at the New Delhi airport. Sporting a blue t-shirt and blue jeans, Taimur was all teary and cranky as he blabbered to his abba, Saif about something. To pacify his son, Saif sat down on his knees and calmed him down before they took off from there and we were mesmerised to see how Taimur's tears vanished as he held his father's hand and took his leave! Here's the video for you to go all 'awww':



Taimur Ali Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan are a frequent visitor at the Pataudi Palace and are often papped at the airport. On April, Saif and Kareena had taken a break from their hectic schedules and were leaving for Pataudi. Shutterbugs had then captured the awesome-threesome Khan family, decked-up in jeans as they left for their ancestral place. While Saif had looked uber-cool in a casual tee and jeans, but his best accessory was little Taimur riding on his abba’s shoulders, who too, was dressed in all denim, with a red cap on his head. The lady of the house, Kareena had looked super-stylish in a pink shirt, bell-bottomed jeans and a stylish brown statement bag in her hand. (Must Read: Sania Mirza's Son, Izhaan Welcomes Everyone To His 'Maasi', Anam Mirza's Wedding Celebrations)

Khan family

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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan have always admitted to the fact that the duo makes sure that they have enough time for Taimur Ali Khan in spite of their busy schedules. And hence, we often end up seeing the little one chilling with his star amma, or playing with his abba. It was on January 2019, when Taimur had turned into an aeroplane for Saif, wherein he had led his ‘little one’ as a pilot.



Kareena Kapoor Khan had time and again in interviews, shared how obsessed Saif Ali Khan is with his son, Taimur Ali Khan. In an interview, she had also cited an example as to how Saif had once made up his mind to cancel a shoot in order to be with his chote nawab! Sharing about the same, Bebo had shared that Saif had stated, “Nahi nahi, cancel the shoot. I can't go. I can't leave Taimur.” Kareena had further added, “I'm like you have to go, you have to go to work. And I have to tell him that I want to be with you also now sometimes alone”. To this her sister-in-law, Soha Ali Khan had laughed off and said that she can see it in Saif. Soha too had retorted, “He is so in love with spending time with Taimur. We've organised playdates and I have got calls saying Taimur can't come because he's hanging out with sir.” (Also Read: Soha Ali Khan Shares A Cute Picture Of Her Little Angel, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu Decked In Winter Outfit)

Taimur Kareena Saif
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Kareena Kapoor Khan, in a 2017 interview with Filmfare, had once spoken about how hubby, Saif Ali Khan is, as a father. She had stated, “Yes. Saif’s been an amazing father to Sara and Ibrahim. They’re at an age where they sit and talk one on one with him, which is beautiful. He’s always there, very attentive. He’s a relaxed guy and he knows his mind. He’s sure of the person he is. That makes him quite a strong ‘father figure’ at home. He’s father to three children and his relationship with each is dramatically different.”

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sara Ali Khan, Ibrahim Ali Khan and Taimur Ali Khan

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