Rani Mukerji Gave A Surprising Reply When Asked If Aditya Is Fine Watching Her Romance On-Screen


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Rani Mukerji Gave A Surprising Reply When Asked If Aditya Is Fine Watching Her Romance On-Screen

In this glam world, there are some celebs who are very comfortable with the media glare, while there are others who always make sure to keep their personal lives absolutely ‘personal’. One such celeb who has always managed to stay away from the paparazzi is none other than Indian film director, Aditya Chopra.

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Aditya got married to Rani Mukerji in a hush-hush ceremony in 2014. The couple welcomed their first baby on December 9, 2015.

Rani Mukherji

All this while he has led a life away from the media glare, and now he is continuing the same with his daughter Adira as well. While there are many pictures of Taimur and Misha doing the rounds on social media, but Adira’s pictures could hardly be found.

Rani Mukherji

Rani has a huge fan following, and everyone is super-excited to see how her dear daughter looks like. In fact, a few days back when the baby was clicked with Aditya, Yash Raj Films ensured that it should be taken down.

Rani Mukherji

So, in an interview recently, when Rani was asked about such level of secrecy when it comes to Adira’s pictures, she stated:

“I don’t mind Adira’s pictures coming out, but I don’t think her father is very comfortable with it. Adi and I are a unit and I have to respect his wishes. I am a public figure, I know Adira is going to be clicked and people would want to see how she looks and I don’t have issues with it at all. I would love to choose a picture of Adira’s and give it out for my fans and other people who want to see her. I am sure Adi will be ready in time. I think he feels it’s too early now. I told him, ‘You have to kind of accept that her picture will get clicked and printed some day because unfortunately you are married to an actor.’

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Rani Mukherji

She further went on to say:

“I got saved because that picture was not clicked with me. Adi was taking Adira for a walk when it happened. I keep telling him, ‘Thank God it was not me with Adira, otherwise you would have killed me.’ That was a big relief for me that the first picture that went was through Adi and not me. Everybody in my house was relieved the episode had not happened with them.”

Rani Mukherji

There is no denying the fact that Rani has been an amazing wife so far, who has always respected her husband’s privacy. Here’s what she was quoted as saying on this note:

“I respect my husband’s privacy and I tell him, ‘You are protecting and guarding her, but for how long?’ She is going to go to school or a birthday party and she is going to get clicked. For me, it is about respecting his decision till the time he feels comfortable. At the end of the day, he married an actor, so.... He keeps saying, ’God has cursed me by getting me married to you because I wanted to be a recluse and stay away from media glare’.”

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In a recent interview, Rani shared that she has no qualms on romancing younger male actor on-screen. She said:

”I will be very comfortable romancing younger actors on screen. I have romanced many actors on screen. As an actor, I am here to follow the instruction of film directors.”

But what about her very much secretive husband, will he be fine watching her romancing on-screen. Here’s what she stated:

“Why not? He is married to an actress. He has to be comfortable with it. He was not blind-folded when he married me, so yes why would there be a problem?”

Rani Mukherji

Coming to Rani’s professional life, she will be returning to the silver screen with the upcoming film named, Hichki, which is directed by Siddharth P Malhotra and produced by Maneesh Sharma.

Well, it's nice to see Rani being so supportive of her husband and we completely understand Aditya’s privacy as well. Nonetheless, we are anxiously waiting to see Adira’s cutesy pictures. Till then, all our readers can stay tuned with us to get the latest updates related to their favourite celebs!

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