Randhir Kapoor Reveals How Late Brother, Rajiv Kapoor's Failed Marriage Affected Him

Veteran actor, Randhir Kapoor revealed how his late brother, Rajiv Kapoor's failed marriage had affected him. Check out to know more!


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Randhir Kapoor Reveals How Late Brother, Rajiv Kapoor's Failed Marriage Affected Him

Bollywood veteran actor, Randhir Kapoor is still struggling with the fact that his youngest brother, Rajiv Kapoor, is no longer with him. For the unversed, on February 9, 2021, the Kapoor clan had gotten the biggest shock as Randhir Kapoor's youngest sibling, Rajiv Kapoor, had left for the heavenly abode. Recently, Randhir opened up on his brother's failed marriage and how it had affected his peace.

No one had believed their eyes when late actor, Rishi Kapoor's wife, Neetu Kapoor, had shared her last goodbye for her late brother-in-law, Rajiv Kapoor, on her Instagram handle. She had posted a picture of Rajiv and had written, "RIP". 

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Recently, Randhir Kapoor shared anecdotes from his brother's life. In an interview with Yahoo! India, he shared that his brother, Rajiv Kapoor, had a failed marriage with Aarti Sabharwal, which lasted for only two months, had caused him to neglect his professional life. As a result, his life missed a swing. Randhir also stated, "Ironically, he was the most talented of the Kapoors. He even directed a film (Prem Granth, 1996), which sadly failed."

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Randhir Kapoor further talked about the reason why Rajiv never remarried. He said, "You can’t force anyone to get married. You can only advise a person to a point. He was grown up enough to decide for himself. He had a lot of girlfriends. But he never felt the desire to marry again. Basically, he got disheartened. He took to drinking big time. In fact, I feared that if anything disastrous were to happen to Rajiv, it would be because of alcohol. But I never expected him to die the way he did."

Earlier, in an interview with ETimes, Randhir Kapoor had narrated the whole incident of how he had found out that his brother, Rajiv had a cardiac arrest. He had said, "Well, I have a 24-hour nurse since I have a bit of a problem in walking due to a nerve-related issue. The nurse went to wake him up in the morning at about 7:30 am, and he did not respond. She detected that his pulse was very low and dropping further. We rushed him to the hospital, but all efforts to save him failed. And, now I am left alone in this house."

Randhir Kapoor is deeply devasted after his youngest brother, Rajiv Kapoor, 's sudden death.

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