Rajesh Kumar AKA Rosesh Sarabhai Lost Weight With The Help Of His Wife


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Rajesh Kumar AKA Rosesh Sarabhai Lost Weight With The Help Of His Wife

Some shows, films and characters leave their mark forever on us. And, one such show is, India’s first classic family comedy show, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. The show had massive fan following and so many requests to come up with a second season that makers had to comply! The show is coming up with the first episode of its second season in a few days!

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The show and all its characters etched a special mark on the audience. One such character was that of Rosesh Sarabhai! The character of Rosesh was played by the versatile actor, Rajesh Kumar. In the show, he was fit, with a slim frame. But after the show went off air, Rajesh put on quite a lot of weight.

It was due to an injury that he was not able to work out well and maintain his body. But, to be back as the fit Rosesh Sarabhai in the second season of the show, he shed all the extra kilos in a matter of a few months.

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His incredible weight loss has been truly inspiring. In spite of an injury which restricted him to not exercise at all, he ended up losing a lot of weight. His weight loss trick was easy-to-follow and simple. With just one trick, he lost all the weight and came back fitter than ever.

He shared the secret behind his weight loss with his fans through a Facebook post. Rajesh posted a picture with his nutritionist, Grace Kapoor. Take a look at the picture and the caption:

“Thank u Grace for bringing me back to my yesteryears look. And I didn't have to diet diet as such too. Hehe. I could not work out for 2 months because of my injury. The only thing that saved me and helped me in meeting the deadline of losing weight was your delicious diet- yes indeed - a brilliant and satisfying way to lose weight.”

Although he was not able to exercise, he changed his lifestyle, quit junk food and ate only healthy ghar ka khana prepared by his lovely wife, Madhvi and the results are tremendous!

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We are impressed by your dedication, Rajesh! We can't wait to see your madness and crazy poems in the second season of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. And, all you guys, stay tuned for more updates on your favourite celebrities! 

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