Rajesh Khattar On Shahid Kapoor Not Meeting Former's Son, Yuvaan: 'They Will Find Their Equation'

In a recent interview, Shahid Kapoor's stepfather, Rajesh Khattar revealed that the former hasn't yet met the latter's younger son, Yuvaan.


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Rajesh Khattar On Shahid Kapoor Not Meeting Former's Son, Yuvaan: 'They Will Find Their Equation'

Shahid Kapoor is the son of Bollywood actor, Pankaj Kapur and his ex-wife, Neliima Azeem. For the unversed, Pankaj and Neliima got married in 1979, but they parted ways in 1984. After that, Neliima tied the knot with Bollywood actor, Rajesh Khattar. The duo then hopped onto the parenthood by welcoming their son, Ishaan Khatter. Unfortunately, that marriage was too short-lived. However, despite Rajesh and Nellima parted ways, the former maintained a cordial relationship with Shahid and Ishaan. 

Rajesh Khattar opened up about his son, Yuvaan's relationships with stepbrothers, Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter

For the unversed, Rajesh Khattar got married to Vandana Sajnani, and in 2019, after eleven years of their marriage, the duo welcomed their baby boy, Yuvaan. Now in the latest interview, Rajesh Khattar revealed that Yuvaan shares a beautiful bonding with his stepbrother, Ishan. He also shared that Yuvaan's other stepbrother, Shahid, and his family members haven't yet met Yuvaan.

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Rajesh Khattar family

Rajesh Khattar shared that Ishaan and Yuvaan share a nice bonding

In a recent interview with YouTuber Siddharth Kannan, Rajesh Khattar shared that Yuvaan and Ishan share a nice bond. While talking about the same, Rajesh shared that Ishaan came to the hospital to meet Yuvaan the day after he was born. Elaborating on the same, Rajesh shared that the duo has a big age difference, and Yuvaan is like a child of Ishaan. Sharing tidbits from their bonding, the actor shared that Yuvaan calls Ishaan 'bhai' while the latter calls him 'chhote’. Further in the interview, he also revealed that as Ishaan is busy, he doesn't get to meet them too often. Reflecting on the same, Rajesh shared:

"It’s nice. There’s a big age difference, he’s like a child to Ishaan. He calls him ‘chhote’. And Ishaan is so busy, he’s been away for more than a month, and he isn’t going to be back for another month, so they don’t get to meet too often."

Rajesh Khattar and Vandana Sajnani Khattar

Rajesh Khattar revealed Shahid Kapoor and his wife and children haven't yet met Yuvaan

Further in the interview, Rajesh was asked whether Shahid Kapoor yet met his son, Yuvaan. While replying to such a question, Rajesh shared that  Shahid, Mira, and their children,  Misha and Zain, have not yet met, Yuvaan. However, when Reajesh was asked whether he would like them to meet with Yuvvan, the former said the kids would work on it. He further shared that they cannot force things upon their children and that they will find an equation eventually. Talking about the same, Rajesh shared:

"If it happens, yes, of course. See, the thing is, this aspect of it, the kids will have to work it out. You can’t complicate it for them. They will have to work out their lives from here on. We should try and simplify it as much as possible for them… They will find their equation, if they have to. Or if they want to."

When Rajesh Khattar recalled memories of when Shahid fell in love with a girl in school

In the same interview, Rajesh Khattar shared how pure his and Shahid's bond is. For the unversed, Rajesh spent nearly eleven years with Shahid. However, while recalling the old days, Rajesh recalled a few anecdotes from Shahid's teenage years when he fell in love with a girl in his school. Talking about the same, he shared:

"There was a girl in his school that he(Shahid Kapoor) liked. He got her photo and placed it at home. I was boiling after that, I was so scared. I did not know how to deal with it. I thought he was going to marry her or something. His mother calmed me down and said no, it doesn’t work like that. If there’s a photo, let it be, it won’t matter later. I had a different thought altogether. I used to think he’s such a handsome boy, who is she?”

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In the same interview, Rajesh Khattar revealed what kind of bond he shares with Shahid Kapoor. He shared that Shahid is always respectful. Rajesh then praised his stepson and shared how hardworking he is. Rajesh  shared:

"He’s always respectful, he’s always been loving. He’s done brilliantly well. Whatever he has achieved in life, it’s all due to his hard work.”

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