Pratibha Ranta Reveals Her Initial Auditions, Adds Experience Of Playing A Mother At Just 21

In a recent conversation, Pratibha Ranta opened up about her experience of playing the role of a mother when she was just 21 years old. Moreover, she also recalled her audition days.


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Pratibha Ranta Reveals Her Initial Auditions, Adds Experience Of Playing A Mother At Just 21

Pratibha Ranta is amongst the gorgeous batch of newcomer actors in the industry. She performed the role of the fiery 'Jaya' in the film, Laapataa Ladies. And just after this, she showed her versatility by portraying the role of 'Waheeda' (Sanjeeda Shaikh)’s daughter, 'Shama', in the web series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. But Pratibha's journey began a long time ago, and it was only in 2021 that she could bag a role in the TV drama, Qurbaan Hua, after coming to Mumbai.

Pratibha Ranta recalls going to her first audition

Now, in an interview with the ETimes, Pratibha Ranta walked down the memory lane when she started her career with the TV show, Qurbaan Hua. Well, she was indeed a novice at that time and could finally arrive in Mumbai after convincing her parents by taking admission to a college over there. In the show, she got the role of 'Chahat'. However, before bagging the show, she had to give audition constantly for six months and gradually, she understood the craft. She said:

"That was the time in my life where I was trying to understand, I was exploring. I came to know what kind of a person I am. When I came to Mumbai, I was just auditioning for the first 6 months and then Qurbaan Hua happened. When I did the show, I started understanding the craft, you get to learn the basics, how to hit your mark, catch your light, it creates a schooling. You are constantly on your toes in TV, it is just one after the other, so I became quite aware of how the Industry works."

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In the same conversation, she narrated an incident from one of the first auditions she had given after coming from Shimla. She mentioned going to the office without makeup and messy hair, and that was when she got a reality check. However, with all those incidents, she learnt and has grown exponentially in her career. She shared:

"When I was auditioning for the first time, I had to go to the office and give an audition, it took some time to grab and understand. I still remember I was in college and I went for my first audition. Assuming that it is supposed to be raw, I didn't wear any makeup and went there with messy hair. The casting person who was going to audition me asked me if I had something to correct me up, and I was like wasn't I supposed to come like that. That is when I realised that I should wear makeup and go prime and proper for it. I didn't have knowledge about makeup and all, I have learnt everything on the job."

Pratibha Ranta on playing the character of a mother in Qurbaan Hua

At the end, Pratibha mentioned how she had to play the role of a mother at just 21 years. However, this helped her in improving herself as an actor. After working in Qurbaan Hua, Pratibha got the chance to play a rebellious character in a web show, Aadha Ishq. Further, talking about her experience while working with Aamna Sharif, Gaurav Arora and others, Pratibha stated:

"I had begun to understand what next would Chahat do, due to the long format. The understanding was developing and I used to imagine what will be next with the character, so I didn't have any reservations on playing a mother at that age. I got an audition for Aadha Ishq, and the timing was perfect as I had just wrapped Qurbaan Hua and I got the web show. I was working with such experienced artists such as Aamna Sharif, Gaurav Arora, Kunal and all. Initially, I felt quite intimidated by them but I learnt a lot. There were challenges as the character Renee that I played was an 18 year old rebel. I couldn't relate to that, so while preparing for the character I had spoken to a lot of my friends who come from a broken family to understand how that one incident shaped their lives and shaped them how they are. How the thoughts are developed and how you react to situations. All I wanted to do is to improve my craft with each project."

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Pratibha Ranta is rumoured to be dating her Heeramandi co-star, Taha Shah

Coming to Pratibha's personal life, it is rumoured that she is dating her Heeramandi co-star, Taha Shah Badussha. On numerous occasions, the duo has been spotted together. A few days back, they were seen dining together at a posh restaurant in Mumbai. Afterwards, they were spotted being seated together closely at a fashion show. However, no such official dating announcement has been made by either of them. 

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