Pooja Bhatt Talks About That One Flaw Of The Bhatt Family Which Is Not Inherited By Alia Bhatt

The Bhatt sisters have always stood for each other. During Shaheen Bhatt's book launch, Pooja Bhatt talked about a genetic flaw that has not been inherited by Alia and is the reason for her success.


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Pooja Bhatt Talks About That One Flaw Of The Bhatt Family Which Is Not Inherited By Alia Bhatt

In the world of glamour, nothing comes for free, not even your personal space. In the world of glamour, nothing is private and the entire world wants to know what happening in the lives of their favourite celebrities. For a star despite knowing that he/she is a public face, having a personal space becomes out of the question. The constant media glares, being papped and clicked wherever they travel, without even sparing their family holidays sometimes becomes frustrating. But then that is the saddest truth of the glamour world as nothing here remains personal. (Also Read: Sanjay Dutt Revealed That He Used To Work In Jail So He Could Buy Gifts For His Sisters On Rakhi)

The Bhatt sisters, Pooja, Shaheen and Alia are known for their respective fields of work. From Pooja’s superb directorial skills, Shaheen’s amazing writings and Alia’s breathtaking performances make them exceptionally talented. During the recent book launch of Shaheen Bhatt's book, I Have Never Been (Un) Happier, we saw the entire Bhatt clan come together to support the writer, Shaheen. During the book launch, Shaheen had opened on anxiety and her fight with depression. It was an amazing sight to see how her entire family including Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan came in to grace the occasion.

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During the event, Pooja Bhatt had revealed a secret about the Bhatt family. She stated how except for Alia, everyone has inherited a genetic flaw from their father, Mahesh Bhatt. Talking about it, she stated that the flaw is being brutally blunt. She further revealed that in the glamour world, people except the stars to keep up with the celebrity image they have and she and Shaheen are not very good at it. She added this one thing is something they have inherited from their father and Alia is the lucky one, who has not got this quality which is the reason for Alia’s success.

Elaborating further she stated, “We say things as they are and not how the people expect us to say them. And, I think the reason you (Alia) are so successful is that because you have not inherited that exactly like Shaheen and I have. You're able to separate the two. The truth does not go down well in Bollywood.” (Also Read: Govinda's Daughter, Tina Ahuja Supports Her 'Strong-Headed' Cousin, Arti Singh To Win 'Bigg Boss 13')

Talking about the mindset of people, she also added, “We're living in a fake world which is full of appearances, where people don't want you to say, 'I'm not okay.' They don't give a damn whether you're a cocaine addict or have an alcohol problem. As long as you look okay and show up and your waist size is perfect, nobody cares about what's going inside.”

On December 1, 2019, Alia Bhatt had attended a seminar, 'We The Women' in Mumbai with her sister, Shaheen Bhatt. During the event, Alia couldn’t control her emotions while talking about Shaheen’s battle with depression and had broken into tears. Shaheen, who had fought a long battle with depression had written about the same in her book titled, ‘I've Never Been (un)Happier’. It was in 2016 when Shaheen had opened up about her battle with depression for the first time. Alia, while addressing the issue had stated that she is very proud of her sister, who has addressed her fight with depression and has managed to overcome it but her heart breaks the moment she thinks about Shaheen’s struggles.

On World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2019), Alia Bhatt had written an emotional message for her sister, Shaheen Bhatt. Alia had taken to her Instagram handle and had posted an emotional note for her sister. Alia, who was Shaleen’s constant support throughout her difficult phase had posted a picture of her sister and had written, "I am so so proud of you @shaheenb And of @herecomesthesunofficial. You have taken something so personal and made it a symbol of strength and empathy. No one needs to be alone as they struggle with mental health, battling their own fears and anxiety. Sometimes all you need to know that you're not alone!!! I'm here a 100%.. to start the conversation, to raise awareness and to join you on this journey, EVERY step of the way @herecomesthesunofficial #WorldMentalHealthDay (sic)." (Also Read: Juhi Parmar's Daughter, Samairra And Her Maasi, Aashka Goradia's Pole Dance Is Amazing Beyond Words)

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We wish all the best to Shaheen for her future endeavours!

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