Plan A Theme Wedding According To Couple's Zodiac Sign

Plan A Theme Wedding According To Couple's Zodiac Sign

Those who believe or don’t believe in stars and sun signs, starts believing in them at the time of their marriage, even if for a little time. Anyways what’s the harm in getting yours and your partners compatibility matched according to stars and sun signs. The tradition of kundali and sun sign matching is not only popular in India, but there are many other countries in which sun sign’s of a couple are matched to check their marriage compatibility. You may have heard of couple’s falling apart soon after their marriage, although they had a beautiful relationship before marriage, so what went wrong just after their marriage? One answer to this can be wrong marriage energy compatibility with their individual energies. So, if you are getting married soon then do check your and your partner’s sun sign compatibility, it will not only give you peace but also make your relationship strong and everlasting.

Zodiac theme wedding

If you believe in stars and sun signs then why not choose zodiac theme for your wedding. Even if you don’t believe in stars too much, then also zodiac theme can be a good idea for your wedding theme, as it’s a unique and not very common theme. In order to decorate your wedding place according to your and your partner’s zodiac theme, you will have to do a lot of preparations which will be a bit different from normal wedding preparations. Start with buying drapes and decoration clothes which will be required to decorate your wedding venue. Choose the wedding drapes in the color which is lucky color and goes well with you and your partners zodiac sign. While choosing color keep in mind that the cloth color is not looking out of place or very different as compared to other wedding decorations.

Decoration items/ articles for zodiac theme wedding

In order to decorate a wedding venue according to couple’s zodiac sign, one will have to buy decoration articles which are compatible and are suitable with couple’s zodiac sign. The concept of energy is very important in astrology so when you are planning to decorate a wedding according to couple’s zodiac sign, do consult your priest or astrologer about the significance and effect of different zodiac based decorative articles on each other. Don’t forget to consult your astrologer about the places or directions in which you will be placing these decorative items as directions and places have very important significance in astrology.

So what do you think of zodiac wedding theme wedding, which will not only bring positive energy for your wedding but also be present at the time of you wedding?

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