Parul Gulati Faces Backlash For Turning Her Goa Home Into An Airbnb Rental With Rs. 40,000 Per Day

Famous actress, Parul Gulati received backlash for sharing her business plan to turn her Goan home into an Airbnb rental worth Rs. 40,000 per day.


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Parul Gulati Faces Backlash For Turning Her Goa Home Into An Airbnb Rental With Rs. 40,000 Per Day

Popular actress, Parul Gulati, who is famous for her roles in TV serials like P.O.W. - Bandi Yuddh Ke, and web series, Haq Se, has been working hard to build a legacy for her. Apart from being a phenomenal actress, she is an entrepreneur, and has a wide vision with amazing business plans. She is the founder of Nish Hair, a hair extension business, which she started in 2017, and even won an investment for the same when she appeared on Shark Tank India in 2022. Recently, Parul shared her business idea of turning her Goan home into an Airbnb rental. However, people of Goa are just not happy with her vision, and they slammed her for the same.

Parul Gulati lands in trouble as she shares her business plan of turning 2 BHK villa in Goa into an Airbnb rental

It's great to have a dream, but when it affects the environment and people, it needs to be corrected. Parul found herself landed in a deep mess mess as she announced her plan of turning her house in Goa into an Airbnb rental. The actress appeared on the podcast Finfluencer, wherein she unabashedly shared how she has invested in a property in Goa, and it will generate another source of income for her.

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Parul Gulati revealed how she became the owner of 2 BHK villa in Goa without taking any loan

The 29-year-old actress-turned-entrepreneur revealed that investing in any property in Goa is easy and one doesn't require to take a loan. She shared that a person has to pay in instalments as the property is under construction. Parul added that she has to pay her last instalment of Rs. 25 lakh after the competition of her villa in Nerul, Goa. She further stated that the moment the 2-BHK villa with the pool gets completed, she would put it up on Airbnb. 

Parul Gulati is planning to rent her 2 BHK home for Rs. 40,000 per day

Parul added that she is going to rent the villa for Rs. 40,000 a day and call it 'Malkin's house'. She is also sorted that she will advertise her home on Instagram, which helped her build her Rs. 50 crore Nish Hair business. While her business plan looks fancy, the people of Goa are not happy. After all, the recent rise of hotels, Airbnbs, pubs, and club culture has spoilt the beauty of Goa and its beaches. 

Netizens are not happy with Parul Gulati's plan and call it a destruction of Goa's natural beauty

Parul Gulati's business plan will definitely take her to new heights, but Goans are not happy with it. They are against people buying property in the state only for commercial purposes. People took to the comments section and expressed their opinion on the same. One user wrote, "Goa is full. Every one wants a piece of Goa We Goans humbly request All tourist to enjoy the Goan hospitality and culture and go back to ur respective states pls dnt buy land or houses becoz the builders are jus turning Goa into a concrete jungle and we Goans are suffering."

Another netizens highlighted the fact how Goa forests have been destroyed by the builder lobby for the sake of money. The user wrote, "Forests of Goa is been destroyed just to please this kind of builder lobby. Everything good has been destroyed in Goa. Locals of Goa is fighting to protect Goa and this Madam is wants to earn money from Goa while staying outside of Goa. Madam if Goa is giving you something to earn then please try and help in protecting Goa and Goan biodiversity. Thank you."

One of the Goans also highlighted on the locals are suffering with these business plans. The netizen wrote, "The locals are suffering because of their land being stolen and take away. Forests are being cut, their land is forcefully taken away. During my recent visit , I did speak to the locals and they are literally fighting for their own land every day. Goa is completely ruined now."

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Parul Gulati's Nish Hair business 

For Parul, the journey of entrepreneurship is not new. It was in 2017, when she decided to start her business, Nish Hair, which makes hair extensions. The idea came to her in 2016 while watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and heard Khloe talk about hair extensions. It was in 2022, Parul raised Rs. 1 crore for 2 percent equity from the shark, Amit Jain, who is the CEO and co-founder of CarDekho. 

What do you think about Parul's latest business of turning property in Goa into Airbnb?

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