Paras Chhabra Replaces Ex-Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri's Name Tattoo With Bigg Boss's Logo, Here's Why

Paras Chhabra revealed the reason behind replacing his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri's name tattoo with Bigg Boss's logo. Take a look!


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Paras Chhabra Replaces Ex-Girlfriend, Akanksha Puri's Name Tattoo With Bigg Boss's Logo, Here's Why

We as human beings love making memories all the time, but some people love inking those memories on their bodies. Yes, we are talking about 'tattoos', and it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t embraced his/her body with a tattoo once in his/her life. We all have been there, sometimes with the temporary ones and sometimes with the permanent ones. In recent years, we have seen a lot of celebrities getting inked with the full name or initials of their partners and regretting that decision later. One such ex-celebrity couple is Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri, who have replaced the name tattoos of each other. (Recommended Read: Suresh Raina Wishes To See The World With His Wife, Priyanka Raina, In His Birthday Wish for Her)

Earlier, it was Akanksha Puri, who had replaced the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend, Paras Chhabra, right after their bitter break-up. And now, Paras Chhabra has also replaced it after all these months with an interesting sign. Scroll down to see it all!

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Paras Chhabra has finally replaced the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, Akanksha Puri with the tattoo of the show, Bigg Boss. The pictures of the same are getting viral on the internet and The Times Of India has reached to the actor for the reason behind this choice. Paras Chhabra explained that his time on the show has taught him a lot of things about life and has also given him many things. He said, “Bigg Boss has given me a lot and I feel a strong connection with the show. During my stay inside the house, I learnt about a lot of things that were happening outside on the personal front. Bigg Boss ki aankh ne meri aankh khol di (The Bigg Boss eye opened my eye). I shared the idea with tattoo artiste Nipul Solanki and he sketched for me. It took me two hours to modify the tattoo.” (Don’t See: Ali Fazal's Mother Passes Away, Actor Pens A Heart-Wrenching Note Stating, 'Aage Alfaz Nahi Rahe')

Going further in the interview, Paras also revealed that he has decided not to ink anybody’s name on his body ever again. He explained, “I want to break free from my previous relationship and any memory attached to it. That’s why I decided to modify the tattoo. I don’t think I will get a name inked on my body anymore.” Well, it’s completely understandable and in one of the episodes of Bigg Boss 13, Paras was seen discussing his tattoo. While talking about it, he had said “I was mindf**ked toh I had to, ki chal tu shaant ho jaa (just to quiet her). Thus, it was quite clear that he didn’t ink her name on his own and was rather forced to do so.

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For the uninitiated, Akanksha Puri had also inked her ex-boyfriend, Paras Chhabra’s name but had removed it back in February after their bitter-breakup. After the completion of Bigg Boss, Paras Chhabra had stated in a lot of interviews that he’s no longer in a relationship with Akanksha Puri. And, after doing all sorts of efforts to repair her relationship, the actress had finally decided to move on. The television actress had replaced the tattoo with an interesting cover-up tattoo, whose pictures had gone viral at that time. In the pictures, we could see a bar code tattoo covering up her ex-boyfriend, Paras Chhabra’s name. But all the attention was grabbed by the two words written over the top of her tattoo that could be read as ‘Being Me’. Take a look.

Talking about the same in an interaction with The Times of India, Akanksha had revealed, “I have been getting a lot of negative messages and people are calling me to pile on and all sh**. I have kept quiet because I wanted to keep this relationship away from this game. But now what all Paras said has affected me and has hurt me deeply. We have shared a beautiful relationship and had our shares of ups and downs but we have always stood for each other. But now things are going a little out of hand after what Paras said about the tattoo and about how unhappy he is in this relationship." (Also Read: Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya Shares A Birthday Wish For Her 'First Teacher' Elder Sister, Priyanka)

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