Niti Taylor Reveals She Always Wanted To Take 'Saat Pheras' With Her Hubby, Parikshit Bawa

Niti Taylor bared her heart out on how her plan of having a dream wedding was ruined because of the pandemic. Check out as Niti shares interesting detail about her lockdown wedding!


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Niti Taylor Reveals She Always Wanted To Take 'Saat Pheras' With Her Hubby, Parikshit Bawa

Television actress, Niti Taylor had left her fans in awe when she had announced her marital status in October 2020. The gorgeous actress, Niti Taylor had revealed that she had tied the knot with her then longtime-beau, Parikshit Bawa in a lockdown wedding. And we all can feel her pain of not having a big fat wedding, which she had always dreamed of. Recently, Niti Taylor bared her heart and revealed an interesting anecdote of her Anand Karaj wedding.

Niti was a coronial bride (the bride who had tied the knot in the COVID-19 pandemic), and she stills feels the pain of not getting the chance to invite her friends and relatives. But she is glad that she had taken the decision of getting married in the lockdown because all that can happen again within few years when things will be all okay.

Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa

On May 20, 2021, Niti shared a video on her YouTube channel. In the video, the actress revealed the emotions she had gone through when she was asked to drop her plan of having a big fat wedding and instead go for an intimate lockdown wedding.  During the video, Niti shared that she had told her hubby, Parikshit that after ten years, they will take saat pheras. After all, saat pheras are every girl's dream.

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Check out the video below:

In the same video, Niti also shared that she didn't understand anything during her Anand Karaj ceremony as she doesn't know Punjabi. Niti also revealed that when they were pronounced husband and wife, she didn't understand what had happened and it was her husband, Parikshit, who had told that they are married. Niti shared her reaction, "I was like, what, we are married? Yeh ho bhi gaya? And he was like 'haan'. and I was like, 'what'?"

A day ago, Niti had shared with her 2.4 million followers on Instagram how she had finalised her wedding outfit with at-home trials. The actress missed the opportunity to search and visit stores to find that perfect bridal dress because of the pandemic. In the video, we could see Niti twirling in different lehengas. Along with it, she had written her struggle of finalising her outfit with at-home trials in the caption, "It's been 9 months since I tied the knot in a small & intimate wedding due to Covid. At that time, I decided not to celebrate to the fullest inside my heart, thinking a bigger & safer day will come to cherish my lifelong dream moment."

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Niti had further written, "Sadly, there doesn't seem to be an opportunity to do that anymore - with the present-day situation. I would like to take this chance to tell everyone, please live your moments to the fullest inside your hearts! Make the best of what we can do safely & without risking ourselves and others. I am reliving my moment through this video & would really like to thank @payalkeyaloficial  and @milindshreya for taking out the pain & trust in sending these beautiful lehengas for me to try & finalise for my small wedding last year. The situation was bad even then but the gesture helped me live my moment."

Well, we hope things get better soon and brides can finally have their big wedding!

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