Shahid Kapoor's Mother, Neliima Azeem Encouraged Amrita Rao To Slap Him For A Scene In 'Ishq Vishk'

Bollywood actor, Shahid Kapoor's debut film, 'Ishq Vishk' is still a hit amongst his fans. Recently, his co-star, Amrita Rao shared an anecdote from their 2003's romantic film!


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Shahid Kapoor's Mother, Neliima Azeem Encouraged Amrita Rao To Slap Him For A Scene In 'Ishq Vishk'

It was in the year 2003, when an extremely handsome looking man with the charming smile had walked onto thesilver screens and took our heart away with a romcom. Yes, we are talking about Shahid Kapoor and his debut film, Ishq Vishq, which defined love for every '90s kid. It is one of those Bollywood films that take us back to our childhood when friendship was all about love. From bringing alive the memories of first crush, first kiss to the feeling of first heartbreak and the feeling of butterflies in stomach, Ishq Vishk never fails to make us live those good old days. (Recommend Read: Smriti Khanna Shares A Glimpse Of Her Pooch, Lucas Keeping A Check On Her Little Munchkin, Anayka)

The film gave us two exceptionally amazing stars, Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao, and everyone still roots for the chemistry shared between the two. Shahid's first co-star, Amrita reminisced the shooting experience and shared a fun anecdote from the film. Scroll down to know more! 

Recently, in an interview with Zoom, Amrita Rao shared that for a scene, she had to actually slap Shahid's character, Rajiv, and it was the actor's mother, Neliima Azeem, who had encouraged her to do so. She shared, "I remember it was a very difficult sequence to shoot and it was just before the interval when Rajiv and Payal had a fight and the brief was that your performance should be such that I want the audience to be completely divided; the girls should say Payal is right and the guys should say Rajiv is right." She further added, "At the end of the sequence, I had to slap Shahid. The director wanted me to actually, really slap him and he was very particular that it can't be acting or that I am going to add a soundtrack and you have to slap... He wanted that reaction of being slapped from Rajiv." (Also Read: Sushant Singh Rajput's Sister, Shweta Finally Reveals Why His Family Hasn't Demanded CBI Inquiry Yet)

Amrita revealed that Neliima ji's motivation had helped her deliver the scene with ease, "This was the first time I was slapping someone for real... Something interesting happened during that, so Shahid's mother, Neelima Azim ji, who is also a wonderful actress would mostly hang out with us during the shoot and since I had no formal training in acting, she used to give a lot of tips. I remember that she was there at the corner of my eye standing and motivating me saying 'Amrita you have to do this, you have to slap him. It was funny and at the same time, very encouraging and finally, I did it and he was so happy with the reaction he got. At the end of the shoot, we were all so relieved because it was a very critical scene. That moment is so fresh in my mind."

Neliima ji shares a loving relationship with her firstborn, Shahid. In an interview with Pinkvilla, she had opened up on Shahid's wish of having a brother. She had shared that she was settled with the actor, Rajesh Khatter and was happily working and the thought of having a baby again never crossed her mind. But Shahid specifically wanted a brother. She had also shared that she wanted a girl and she was not able to promise Shahid a brother. However, when she was blessed with Ishaan, her doctor had congratulated Shahid and had said, "Congratulations to Shahid. He's got his baby brother." (Don't Miss: Dimpy Ganguly's Endearing Moments With Little Ones, Reanna Roy And Aryaan Roy Will Leave You In Awe!)

Well, Ishq Vishk still takes us back to our memory lanes!

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