Neha Dhupia Reveals The First Word That She Taught Her Daughter, Mehr And The Reason Behind It

Neha Dhupia was currently in Delhi for the auditions of her show, ‘Roadies’. She revealed the first word she taught her daughter, Mehr Dhupia Bedi and also revealed the reason behind the same.


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Neha Dhupia Reveals The First Word That She Taught Her Daughter, Mehr And The Reason Behind It

When a woman gives birth to a child, she prepares herself for the many roles that she will play for her little one. From being a teacher, mentor, support system, secret keeper to whatnot, a mother plays multiple roles for her kids and manages to excel in all of them. From the moment she hears the news of her pregnancy to the moment when her kids finally speak his/her first word, a mother keeps on trying different tactics to teach her kids new things. She guides them and helps them understand the world better. She makes her kids see the world through her eyes and prepares them to fight against the odds and have their own say in various matters. (Recommended Read: Taimur Ali Khan Calls Saif 'Sardar Ji' After Seeing Him In Udaybhan Singh's Avatar From 'Tanhaji')

The bold and outspoken dusky beauty of Bollywood, Neha Dhupia had met the love of her life, the handsome and dashing, Angad Bedi at the gym when he used to play under-19 cricket in Delhi. When Neha was preparing for the Miss India pageant, Angad had fallen in love with her and was impressed with her running technique. Then the duo had met in Mumbai and became friends. While Angad was interested in her, Neha was adamant on being just friends. But as they say, if you destined to be together, you will find a way and Neha and Angad did and tied the knot on May 10, 2018, and on November 18, 2018, the duo was blessed with a lovely angel, Mehr Dhupia Bedi.

Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi and Mehr Dhupia Bedi

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi were those celeb parents, who had made their fans wait for the glimpse of their kid. And it was only on her first birthday that we had gotten to see the full picture of Mehr with her parents. Neha has been juggling her professional and personal life beautifully and manages to inspire a lot of newbie-mommies. Recently, Neha Dhupia was in Delhi for auditions of the reality show, Roadies where she is one of the judges. In an interview with the Times Of India, Neha revealed the first word that she taught her daughter, Mehr and the reason behind it. She revealed, “The first word I taught her was ' bas'. She should know when to say enough. If the food being fed is too much she says 'bas', if she is being forced to do anything or if somebody is pulling her cheeks more than she would like, she knows that she has to say 'bas'. She knows how to say no.”  

Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi and Mehr Dhupia Bedi

Neha added further, “Strong women raise strong daughters and I always tell my daughter that if she is not comfortable, she should just say it. The other day she was playing, and somebody tickled her and she said 'bas, bas'. So, she knows when she has to say no, and she would apply it for the rest of her life now. A lot of parents (and I respect them) have huge aspirations about which institution their child should go to or what their children should do. As a mum, I feel that I want to raise my daughter believing that she has a voice and she should know how to exercise the power of that voice."

neha dhupia angad bedi and mehr

Neha Dhupia, during the same interview also revealed that she has resumed work when her daughter, Mehr Dhupia Bedi was just 45 days old. She said, “I started shooting when my daughter was just 45 days old. And now that she is growing up, I look forward to spending as much time with her as possible, even if it is the time when she is sleeping." (Suggested Read: Kangana Ranaut's Brother Aksht And His Fiancee, Ritu All Set To Tie The Knot On This Date)

Neha Dhupia, Angad Bedi and Mehr Dhupia Bedi

Neha Dhupia also revealed that Mehr has started recognising her star-parents on the magazines and said, “Mehr hasn't seen me or Angad (Bedi) on screen as she hasn't had any screen time yet. But we have a pile of magazines lying in one of the corners of the house, and as she can crawl now, she saw me on one of the magazine covers and recognised me. When Angad's pictures are in papers, she would recognise him, too."

Neha Dhupia

Mehr Dhupia Bedi is following the footsteps of her grandfather, Bishan Singh Bedi and father, Angad Bedi and have started showing interest in cricket. Neha revealed the same and said, “She spins the ball very well. It's very cool to see her do that. We are a family connected to cricket, everyone knows that my father-in-law, Bishan Singh Bedi and Angad used to play cricket. I grew up watching a lot of sports. So, as parents we couldn't be happier to see that she is so much interested in sports already.”

Angad Bedi and Mehr Dhupia Bedi

Neha Dhupia also reveals her plans to take her daughter to Arun Jaitley Stadium soon and added, "My father-in-law has a stand named after him there and I would like to show that to my daughter. I would want her to know who her grandparents are, what value systems they believe in. I also want her to know Delhi as not just her grandparents' place, but also as a place where both her parents grew up and have so many memories." (Must Read: Aditya Narayan's Father, Udit Narayan Wants Neha Kakkar To Be 'Bahu' Of Narayan Khandan, She Reacts!)

Neha Dhupia and Mehr Dhupia Bedi

We can’t wait to see Mehr Dhupia Bedi saying sweet words!

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