Neeti Mohan And Nihaar Pandya's Wedding Reception Has Been Postponed Due To An Unfortunate Reason


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Neeti Mohan And Nihaar Pandya's Wedding Reception Has Been Postponed Due To An Unfortunate Reason

As rightly quoted and believed by all, a successful wedding is one wherein you can see both sets of parents smiling and making the most at their children’s wedding. And when the same happens, apart from the bride and the groom, do you know who has the maximum emotional drainage at a wedding? The parents of the bride because at the back of their mind, they are saddened by the thought of giving away their daughter. But one celebrity parent was recently kept away from their daughter’s wedding. Any guesses? It was none other than Neeti Mohan’s father, Brij Mohan. (Do Read: Neeti Mohan's Post-Wedding Look With Nihaar Pandya, Flaunts Chooda And Mangalsutra (Pic Inside))

Though Neeti and Nihaar are a happily married couple now, but there was someone, who as much as he must have wanted had to be kept away from the wedding. Neeti Mohan’s father, Brij Mohan had started to feel uneasy when hotel doctors had to be called in. They suggested that he immediately should be taken to the hospital, where he is in the ICU and continues to remain under observation. And as a result, the Mohan and Pandya family made an important decision.

Neeti Mohan And Sisters From Her Bachelorette Shoot

A big wedding bash had been arranged by the newly-wedded couple at Four Seasons for important dignitaries and their Bollywood friends. Given the need of the hour, the families have postponed the same and all the invitees have been informed about the same through text messages and calls. The message sent from the families could be read as, “Dearest Family & Friends, We wish to inform you that, with your blessings, Neeti and I have tied the knot on 15.02.2019. We are very grateful to you for accepting our invite for our Wedding Reception Celebration at the Four Season's Mumbai.”

Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya

The message could be further read as, “However, due to unforeseen medical circumstances in the family, we are forced to postpone this event indefinitely.  We do hope you will understand. We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We once again thank you and seek your continued blessings. Regards- Pandya & Mohan family.” (Must Read: Neha Kakkar Gets Emotional After Watching Performance On This Song, Reminded Her Of Ex-Himansh Kohli)

Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya
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The unfortunate incident began on the day of the wedding itself (February 15, 2019), when people noticed the absence of Brij ji from the wedding. When SpotboyE had contacted Mukti, she had shared, “Dad cannot take too much physical stress, so we had kept him in the hotel room. He was not to be seen at the mandap and people freaked out.” Revealing the next set of incidents, she shared, “Well, we had called the doctors to the hotel room and they suggested that he should be shifted to the hospital.” Mukti also stated that her father was very much a part of all pre-wedding festivities, “Actually, a year and half ago, Dad had become very serious owing to some exertion. Since then, we have been very careful when it comes to any hectic schedule.”

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In yet another interview with SpotboyE, sometime before the wedding, the Nainowale Ne singer shared some interesting details about her wedding. Revealing how they met, the newbie bride had stated, “We both have strong values and quite similar ones. I think Jimmy knew that, and trust me, he was very sure that we would click. He introduced us at a wedding, where Nihar was accompanied by his parents. They met me very warmly and there was an instant connect with not just Nihar but also his family members.”

Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya

Do you know, Neeti’s father, Brij Mohan had loved his damaad the moment he met him? Neeti shared, “Nihar met my parents. My Dad loved him almost instantly. He used to keep saying, "I have four daughters. Why is none of them getting married?" How did she knew that she was going for the right guy? Neeti revealed, “Yes, as I said almost instantly, and my conviction became stronger by the day.”

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Speaking about what she likes the most in Nihaar and what he likes the most about her, the Ishq Wala Love star stated, “Well, I am beyond gauging a person based on his looks. I try to gauge the inner core of the person, which I think is so prevalent in Nihar.” Further revealing what he likes the most about her, she stated, “Aise koi poochta thodai hai that what you like about me the most?” (Also Read: Salman Khan Pampers His Mother Salma Khan With A Luxurious Gift, Details Inside)

Neeti and Nihar

Neeti also revealed how she will be moving in with Nihaar and his parents post their wedding, “I am moving into his house and will stay with his family. And trust me again, I am really looking forward to that.” Well, the couple isn't planning an immediate honeymoon after the wedding. Talking about the same, Neeti said, “Not decided (about the honeymoon), but it will have to wait. I have a couple of assignments going on.”

Mohan sisters and Nihaar Pandya

We pray that Brij ji regains his ‘pink of health’ status and that the couple gets to celebrate their wedding soon.

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