When Mohnish Bahl Remembered His Last Meeting With His Late Mother And Legendary Actress, Nutan

The pain of losing a parent can never be healed and Bollywood actor, Mohnish Bahl had gone through the same when he had lost his mother at a young age.


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When Mohnish Bahl Remembered His Last Meeting With His Late Mother And Legendary Actress, Nutan

No matter whether we are six, sixteen or fifty-six, our parents remain an integral part of our lives. They are the pillar of strength and our every achievement is possible because of them. It is rightly said that nobody on earth can ever love us like our parents. However, the pain of losing a parent can never be healed. And Bollywood actor, Mohnish Bahl had gone through the same when he had lost his mother, Nutan. 

Mohnish Bahl is the son of a legendary actress, Nutan and ex-naval Lieutenant-Commander, Rajnish Bahl, and he has witnessed life at its worse. He had gone through the most difficult phases in his life, like losing his mother, Nutan to cancer, or his parent's unhappy marriage, and his disturbed bond with his family. However, it had also made him stronger and had shown him the philosophical side of it. 

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Mohnish had lost his mother, Nutan on February 21, 1991, and even after 30 years he stills feels the same pain. Recently, we stumbled upon a throwback interview of Mohnish with the Filmfare. The actor had remembered his last meeting with his mother, Nutan. He had revealed the moment he had gotten to know about her illness and had said, "It was the fateful morning of July 16, 1989 when Dad woke me up and said, 'Mom isn’t feeling well. You’ll have to take her for a check-up to the hospital.'  On the way back, Mom told me it was breast cancer. At first, a lumpectomy was done and she was fine. Around June-July 1990, cancer spread to the liver. Then the deterioration was quick. On February 9, 1991, she was admitted to the hospital again. During that period there was talk of shifting her to Sloane Kettering Institute in the US." 

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Mohnish had also remembered his mother's last smile and had said, "I was to leave for Ooty for the Shola Aur Shabnam shoot. Before flying to Ooty, I dropped in to see her that morning. After bidding goodbye and stepping out, I turned back and opened the door again to take a look at her. I saw her looking at me and smiling. That was the last time I saw her alive. On February 20, while I was in Ooty, I got a call that her condition had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. By the time I reached Mumbai on February 21, it was 4.30 pm. She had passed away." 

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In the same interview, Mohnish had also stated that he is a mama's boy. The actor had shared that his parents had gotten married in 1959 and he was born in 1961. His mother was already a huge star then. The actor had talked about his earliest memory of her of when she used to play an ‘animal’ game with him. At home, Nutan was a regular Maharashtrian housewife, a hands-on mother, and would enjoy with her son. Mohnish had further stated, "A complete Mama’s boy, I’d miss her terribly when she went outdoors. Once I remember going to the airport with dad to receive her. I have this vision of her walking out from the exit gate, looking beautiful in a lemon saree."

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On February 21, 2021, Mohnish took to his Instagram handle and posted a childhood picture of him with his mother. Along with it, he had written, "21.02.1991... Your presence is always felt."

Well, Nutan is forever alive in the memories of her millions of fans!

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