Meet The Real Bride Whose Wedding Entrance Shocked The World


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Meet The Real Bride Whose Wedding Entrance Shocked The World

Multi-tiered cake, well-planned entry, innovative theme, and a truly lavish venue is what every wedding boasts off these days. No wonder, soon-to-be married couples keep looking for new and innovative ways to make their wedding a unique one. But the question is, how far are you willing to go to make your wedding an exclusive one? Are you ready to take any risk for that? Even if it involves risking the life of your loved ones?

Here is an American couple, who went to an extreme level to make their big day different from the others. The newlyweds did hog the limelight, but for all the wrong reasons. Their weird act not only shocked their guests, but also drew criticism from all around the world.

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A mother's bizarre wedding entry

Meet Shona Carter-Brooks and Johnathan Brooks, who became man and wife in May, 2014. Everything was perfect, till they walked down the aisle, in Elam Baptist Chruch, Ripley. What shocked everyone was Shona’s entry- she actually tied her new born daughter to her wedding dress train, and dragged her down the aisle! Bet nobody would have seen this coming.

The couple wanted to involve their one-month-old daughter, Aubrey, in their wedding, and this was the "best" plan they came up with! And no surprise, when the photos made circles on the social media, the couple faced backlash over their decision. While some commentators described this bizarre incident as “incredibly dangerous”, others said that the couple should be reported to child protective services, and many even argued that there could have been more safer ways to make the child a part of the wedding.

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What the bride and her friends have to say?

But, amid all the firestorm of controversy, there are a few people who support the couple. Most of which, not so surprisingly, are the couple’s family members and friends. One of Shona's friends said that she was in tears when she saw their beautiful ceremony. “Shona and Johnathan Brooks, your wedding was super perfect from the groom and his men to you and your baby. You rocked the gown, and the princess tagging behind you; it brought tears to my eyes,” wrote Pamela Stone on the bride’s Facebook profile.

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Even the couple’s wedding coordinator, Kaye Jordan, posted, “This action (of securing the child on the train of the dress) has significant historical value, and indicates the dedication of her mother (and father) toward caring for her child and family. A GOOD mother takes her child wherever she goes, even down the aisle.”

It was actually the bride's decision to make her baby a part of her wedding in this way. Shona, took on to Facebook to defend her unconventional decision, and posted, “To the media, radio, news, and whomever else wanting to talk about what WE did, here you go: The answer is we do, what we want, when we want, as long as Jesus is on our side. Everything worked out fine, and will continue to be fine. Our 1-month-old was awake and well-secured on my train. Most importantly, we had our hearts in Christ, which covers all!”

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What do you think?

Well, there might be better, much better and creative ideas to involve a new born child in a wedding, instead of strapping her down on a dress’ train. For starters, you can carry your bundle of joy in your arms, as you walk towards your man. Or, you can put the little one in a stroller, and push that down the aisle along with you. Now, won’t that be a great way to put your baby before yourself, literally?

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But isn't it surprising, what all weird things couples can do just to have a unique wedding? With defence like the above in place, are we really someone to judge the mother and her ideas? Do you support the reasoning that this bride gave? Leave your comments below.

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