Masaba Gupta Thanks Mommy, Neena Gupta For Always Being Realistic With Her And Keeping Her Grounded

Neena Gupta is known for speaking her mind without mincing words. In an interview, Masaba Gupta revealed how her mother, Neena ji had always kept her grounded.


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Masaba Gupta Thanks Mommy, Neena Gupta For Always Being Realistic With Her And Keeping Her Grounded

It is expected that a child will always follow the footsteps of their parents. Some become doctors, lawyers and carry on with their family business. Same goes for actors, a celeb kid is always expected to make it in big in the acting world and carry on their parent’s legacy. The Kapoor, Khans, Bachchans are the perfect examples of the same. But when ace designer, Masaba Gupta had expressed her desire to become an actress, her mother, veteran actress, Neena Gupta gave her a reality check. (Also Read: Karan Johar's Kids, Yash And Roohi Does 'Namastey' To The Paps And It Melted Our Hearts [Video])

Neena Gupta, who has always been ahead of her times is a true exemplar of women empowerment. She has always been an inspiration to many with her liberal thoughts. From having an affair with actor, Alok Nath to her wedding with Shaarangdev, son of late Indian classical vocalist, Pandit Jasraj being called off, Neena’s personal life saw many ups and downs. After the heartbreak, when Neena had met West Indies cricket team captain, Vivian Richards, he was already a married man. Neena had fallen madly-in-love with him, had given birth to his daughter, Masaba Gupta and had raised her as a single mother.

Masaba Gupta

Neena Gupta is known for speaking her mind, without mincing her words and her daughter, Masaba Gupta feels proud about the same. In an interview with Mid-Day, Masaba revealed how Neena ji is not a typica mother and said, “I discovered one thing about my mother that she is not the typical mom. I mean it in the best way possible, because I have seen kids who are really bad at what they do, being told that they are kings and queens of their respective professions, by their mothers.” Thanking her mother for keeping her grounded, Masaba said, “There is nothing more damaging to a child than that, because your child has no connection with reality. Your child will grow up to think that they know everything, when none of us do. My mother has made me somebody who is very grounded and in touch with reality.”

Neena and Masaba

In an interview with film critic, Rajeev Masand, Neena Gupta had revealed that she had advised her daughter, Masaba Gupta against choosing an acting career in Bollywood. She had told Masaba that she could never be a Hema Malini or an Alia Bhatt in this country with her looks and complexion. Nena ji had retorted, "I told her ‘If you want to be an actor then you go abroad. Jis tarah tumhara shakal hai, body hai, tumhe yahan Indian milieu mein bahot kam role milenge (The way you look, the way your body is, you will get very few roles in the Indian milieu) even if you become a good actor. So tumko woh heroine nahin milegi. Toh Hema Malini nahin banoge, Alia Bhatt nahin banoge (You will never become a heroine, you will never become Hema Malini, you will never become an Alia Bhatt)’.” (Also Read: Sakshi Singh Dhoni And Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Candid Moment, Guess Who Photobombed Their Picture?)

Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta

In 2020, Masaba had made her acting debut and had starred in the Netflix series, Masaba Masaba with none other than her mother, Neena Gupta. The drama showcases the insights of the cutthroat world of fashion, Masaba Gupta's love life, her relationship with her mother, Neena and the ups and downs in her career. In an earlier interview with the Mid-Day, Masaba had revealed that she had wanted to become an actor since the age of 14, but her mom had discouraged her. She had said, "I wanted to act since I was 14, but I was dissuaded by my mother for various reasons. She told me I would be stereotyped. Back then, I wanted to be an actor for the sake of vanity. I wanted to have people fussing over me in the make-up van" (Also Read: Mommy-To-Be, Kareena Kapoor Khan's Due Date Is Not In March, Hubby, Saif Ali Khan Clarifies The Date)

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