Manoj Bajpayee Reveals His Wife, Shabana Asked Him To Stop Working In Bad Films Just For Money

Manoj Bajpayee reveals how his wife, Shabana Raza felt humiliated after watching one of his bad films and recalls the one word of advice she gave to him against it!


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Manoj Bajpayee Reveals His Wife, Shabana Asked Him To Stop Working In Bad Films Just For Money

Manoj Bajpayee has been one of the most versatile yet hard working actors of his generation. The actor has been known for his unconventional acting mettle and his plethora of films are simply fantastic and every bit iconic. However, as an actor, there have been a few of his films which Manoj is not proud of doing, and especially so since his wifey, Shabana Raza felt humiliated after watching the same.

Manoj Bajpayee recalls his wife’s advice to stop doing films for money after seeing his bad films

In a recent interview with YouTuber, Janice Sequeira, Manoj Bajpayee recalled the time when his wife and former actress, Shabana Raza went to watch a ‘bad’ film of his. Without divulging the specific name of the film, he mentioned how his wife simply felt humiliated as many other women behind her in the audience made fun of him as he romanced quite a few girls on screen. Thereafter, he revealed the strict advice his wife gave to him on avoiding such kinds of films. In his words:

“It was a bad film, bad film. After the film she (Shabana) called me and I asked how she liked the film, and she said, stop doing films for money. We are not so desperate that you did it for money. It was embarrassing, I felt insulted, humiliated in the theatre, don’t ever do it, please! You are good at stories and characters, please choose them, not these films, you don’t need to prove anything else.”

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Manoj Bajpayee revealed if he is ever bothered to work on films with controversial topics

Manoj Bajpayee has worked on some critically acclaimed films, such as Aarakshan, Special 26, Satyagraha among others, which have covered quite a few controversial topics. Nonetheless, the actor has never fretted away from playing pivotal roles in such crucial films and does not bother himself with the possibility of ill-reaction it might fetch from the audience. Speaking about the same in an interview with Pinkvilla, Manoj mentioned:

“When there's a story and there's a script, if it moves you emotionally, if it shakes up your conscience, and if there is an opportunity for you to just attach yourself with this project, and be part of a great end up.”


Manoj Bajpayee reveals his daughter, Awa is unable to speak in Hindi

Speaking about his personal life, Manoj is a committed husband to his wife, Shabana and an even doting father to their daughter, Awa. And in a recent interview, Manoj spilt beans on his baby girl and revealed how she does not know how to speak Hindi properly. Calling her an angrez, Manoj recalled some hilarious incidences he faced while attending his daughter’s PTM at school. In his words:

“Puri Angrez hai woh. Usse daant padti rehti hai phir bhi nahi bolti who. Imagine what must be happening to her Hindi teacher. At the PTM, you know what she said? Manoj ji, what is this, I was so happy to know your daughter is in my class. She doesn’t even speak Hindi. He continued, she says, mujhe Hindi aata hai. I said, batao tumhare papa ka naam kya hai? And she replied, mera papa… It’s embarrassing for me…”

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When Manoj Bajpayee revealed he does not argue with his wife and daughter

Manoj Bajpayee often shares a few fond anecdotes from his personal life, which simply set family goals. For instance, in one of his earlier interviews, he revealed his habit of never engaging in an argument with his wife, Shabana and their daughter, Awa. He revealed how the mom and daughter duo often team up against him, making it impossible for him to win an argument. In his words:

"I am scared of my daughter and my wife. I am very scared. Sometimes I make the mistake of getting into an argument. Then I hit my head, thinking about why I got into an argument with them. It is a lose-lose game. They gang up against me all the time. As she is growing up, she is becoming more and more ferocious with her arguments."

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