Mandira Bedi Shuts Trollers, Calling Her Adopted Daughter, Tara A 'Street Kid' From 'Slumdog Centre'

Mandira Bedi schooled trolls, who targeted her adopted daughter, Tara Bedi Kaushal and called her a kid from the street or from the slumdog centre. Check out her savage replies!


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Mandira Bedi Shuts Trollers, Calling Her Adopted Daughter, Tara A 'Street Kid' From 'Slumdog Centre'

Mandira Bedi had married filmmaker, Rraj Kaushal on February 14, 1999, and after 12 years of marriage, the couple was blessed with a baby boy on June 17, 2011, whom they have named, Vir. Despite having a son in her life, the actor and TV presenter had always shared her wish to adopt a child. It was two years back that the couple had applied for adoption at the CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority) which is the central adoption agency under which all adoptions across the country take place. On the auspicious occasion of Dussehra, the couple had adopted a baby girl, whom they have named Tara Bedi Kaushal.

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It was on October 25, 2020, that Mandira had announced the news of welcoming a baby girl into their lives. Mandira had shared the good news on her Instagram handle by sharing a beautiful family picture with Tara in the frame. Alongside it, she had written, "She has come to us. Like a blessing from above. Our little girl, Tara. Four years and a bit with eyes that sparkle like stars. Sister to her Vir. Welcoming her home with open arms and pure love. Grateful, thankful. Blessed. Tara Bedi Kaushal became a part of our family on 28th July 2020."

Mandira Bedi and her family

Well, living in a technologically advanced era, it has become easy for the trolls to express their unpleasant opinions without a second thought. Something similar happened with Mandira Bedi as some trolls tried to target her adopted daughter, Tara. This sure did not go too well with the actress as she decided to shut the trolls and hit back at them. On one of Mandira’ IG posts, a user commented, “Madam from which slumdog centre did you adopt your prop daughter?” Taking a screenshot of the same, Mandira shared it on her IG stories and bashing the troll, wrote, “People like this need to be given a special mention @bollywoodforevaa. You got my attention, you piece of s**t.” 

Mandira Bedi Shuts Trolls Targeting Her Daughter

She then shared another screenshot of the same user, messaging her and targeting her daughter, Tara. The user called Tara, a kid from slumdog centre and Mandira, a greedy Narcissist. The message can be read as “The adopted street kid looks completely out of place…u greedy narcissists are scarring the slumdog for life.” To this, Mandira gave a savage reply and wrote, “More from the model citizen. He calls himself Rajesh Tripathi, which definitely isn’t his name, because sickos like this are the biggest cowards too, who only know how to wag their tongues behind the shield of anonymity” atop the screenshot shared on her IG stories.

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Mandira Bedi Shuts Trolls Targeting Her Daughter

In an interview with the Mid-Day, Mandira had opened up on striking the work-life balance and diverting her time to her two kids, Vir and Tara. The actress had shared that she is trying to give more time to her son, Vir, so that he doesn't get jealous of Tara. Mandira had shared, "As a parent, I have had to strike a new balance. Vir told me the other day, "I feel jealous when you tell her, 'good girl'." So, I am now paying him more attention too. I decided to take a few courses on parenting, and they have given me new ways and tools to deal with the change in our lives. I play a game called Secret Box where you put 15 to 20 items in a box, put a timer on, and just be with the child. I do this with both my kids. Vir usually chooses the colour pencils and creates art. Tara goes for the play dough. Nobody else but the child and I are together at this time." 

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Mandira Bedi

Trolls sometimes really get too nasty and we totally loved how Mandira Bedi schooled them!

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