Mahima Chaudhry Recalls Her Painful Legal Fight With Ex-Husband, Bobby Over Her Daughter's Custody

Bollywood actress, Mahima Chaudhry recalled the challenges she had faced during her battle with her ex-husband, Bobby Mukherjee over her daughter, Ariana's legal custody in her recent interview.


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Mahima Chaudhry Recalls Her Painful Legal Fight With Ex-Husband, Bobby Over Her Daughter's Custody

One of the leading actresses of the 90s, Mahima Chaudhry needs no introduction. As everyone is aware of her acting prowess and the battles she had fought in her personal life, which is the reason why she is one of the most loved actresses of all time. In her recent interview, the actress talked about the most challenging time of her life, when she was fighting a legal battle against her ex-husband, Bobby Mukherjee to gain the custody rights of her daughter, Ariana. In her emotional interview, the actress also revealed a lot of things about that difficult phase, and it is the epitome of a mother's love.

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For the unversed, after breaking up with Tennis star, Leander Paes, Mahima Chaudhary had gotten married to a Kolkata-based architect, Bobby Mukherjee on March 19, 2006. Bobby was a divorcee and was considering giving marriage a second shot when he had met Mahima. The two had gotten married in a hush-hush wedding which was kept under the wraps. In 2007, Mahima had embraced motherhood and had given birth to a baby girl and had named her Ariana. However, soon the two had gotten separated because of some irreconcilable issues with each other.

Mahima Chaudhry Husband Bobby Mukherjee

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Mahima Chaudhary opened up about her life's painful phase, when she had fought against her ex-husband, Bobby Mukherji over her daughter, Ariana's legal custody in 2006. The actress stated, "When we separated and thinking of putting our daughter Ariana to school, we were having issues to which school we should put her, and we did not agree on anything. This happened to be another thing we were not agreeing on, and the night he was leaving for his European tour, suddenly he changed his mind and said that he has decided to put her in the school he went to. When I said no, he said he is not going to sign for it. I said, "Don't sign"."

Mahima Chaudhry daughter Ariana

Going further in her interview, Mahima Chaudhry also revealed that she had visited her daughter's school and had called her lawyer after being indulged in a tricky situation. She said, "Then, he left for his trip abroad, and it was a 14-day trip. I went back to the school, and I remember they looked at the form and said that the father hasn't signed. I said he is out of town. They said, "Can we have him here to sign when he is back?" Mahima added that her lawyer had informed her that, "If you are married, he is the guardian, and if you are not married, the mother is the guardian. My lawyer then said that I am lucky as the right to education bill had just got passed. It says if the school has accepted your form and given her the admission, they can't throw her out because of the father's signature."

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Mahima Chaudhry daughter Ariana

In 2013, Mahima Chaudhry and Bobby Mukherjee had gotten separated due to reasons best known to them and in an interview with Pinkvilla, the actress, who was co-parenting her daughter with her ex-husband, Bobby had talked about single parenting and the difficulties she had faced. She had revealed, "It was largely difficult for me because I depend a lot. Obviously, I came back and started living with my parents and you depend a lot on your parents. That was the time when my mother was diagnosed with an illness and that was a time when she needed help and she could not be of that great help for raising my child. So, when I left for work, it was like leaving a toddler, and leaving my mother who needed assistance as well, so I had to completely depend on my staff. My dad had to live Darjeeling. Then I had a sister who had a child too and she was single. So, it almost became like we both were raising children together."

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Mahima Chaudhry daughter Ariana

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