Married For 6 Yrs And Parents To 2 Lovely Angels, Gautam Married Natasha On One Condition


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Married For 6 Yrs And Parents To 2 Lovely Angels, Gautam Married Natasha On One Condition

He is sundar sushil, but a risky batsman when on field. Girls go gaga over his cuteness and bowlers fret from his fiery batting style. Getting him off the pitch is not an easy task for the bowlers, but this Indian opening batsman was clean bowled by a Delhi girl with whom he got hitched in 2011.

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The lovely couple we are taking about is Gautam Gambhir and Natasha Jain. Although, the couple had an arranged marriage, but they fell in love after a few meetings. Want to know more about their sweet and simple love story? Then scroll down!

Jab Gautam met Natasha

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Gautam and Natasha’s businessmen fathers were good friends. It was through them that the cricketer first met Natasha. Initially, they became friends, but after a couple of years they fell in love with each other, and decided to get booked for life. It was only after their parent’s consent that they took the plunge, got engaged and then got married years later in October 2011 in Gurgaon.

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Telling about her love story Natasha recalls:

“We'd known each other, been friends for 2-3 years, and then we decided to get married. Our families had also known each other for the last 30 years -- our fathers knew each other -- and then we became friends. We both decided (to get married) first, and then took our parents' consent. We'd been engaged for about a year before marriage.”

What made Natasha fall for Gautam

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Natasha knew that Gautam was a famous cricketer and will always be in the limelight. This thought did bother Natasha initially as she was not used to all the fame and attention like him. In fact, she was “not really into cricket” and was “more like girls are - interested in fashion, clothes makeup, jewellery." But after knowing Gautam over the years and his easy going nature, Natasha got attracted towards him and decided to make him her life partner.

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Talking about her apprehension Natasha says:

“When I met him, I realised he was a star -- when we used to go out for dinners, I realised he was really popular and stuff, but when we were thinking marriage, then the whole celebrity status... I did think about how life is going to be with a celebrity. When you're friends and you're talking, you don't really think of such things, but when you're talking about marriage then it's a little different, you think about things from a different angle.

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Natasha also said this in an interview:

"After one year, I realised it's going to be really big (the attention). But when I met him met him, it was just about getting to know him as a person. His simplicity really attracted me. He's a very simple guy.”

And why Gautam fell for Natasha

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Gautam was clear that he wanted a life partner who is grounded and can keep him grounded too. And, when he found this one quality in Natasha, he held her hand for life without any delay.

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Talking about his decision, Gautum once said:

“The most important thing was to find a girl who has a good head on her shoulders, because -- as I've always mentioned -- when you get married to someone who's a public figure, it's very important to be down to earth. Because it's easy to get carried away; you'll have a lot of comforts, but it's important to have a good head on your shoulders to keep you grounded. And I think I've got the right person.”

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But the quality which he loved the most about Natasha was, she never discussed cricket with him, no matter how good or bad the match was:

“The best part about her is that she doesn't discuss cricket with me. I play too much cricket, so I don't want to come back to the room and again discuss cricket.”

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The special inning - marriage

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Everything was set. Their respective parents gave nod to their relationship and were happy with their union and so were the couple, but Gautam had only one condition for marriage that he would get hitched only after the World Cup:

“My only decision was to get married after the 2011 World Cup. Obviously, we'd known each other before that, but I wanted to play the 2011 World Cup because that was my first 50-over World Cup and I wanted to do really well. Luckily, we won, and I was the highest run-getter. We'd already decided to get married, but my only condition was after the World Cup.”

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Therefore, after the World Cup, on October 29, 2011, it was time for Gautam and Natasha to walk down the aisle. The couple had a traditional Punjabi wedding with mehendi and sangeet ceremonies. The bride looked resplendent in red lehenga by Tarun Tahiliani, while the groom looked dashing in black bandhgala.

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The wedding, which took place at Gurgaon farmhouse, was a low-key affair with only 100 guests in attendance. They were mostly close friends and family members of the couple. The guest number was kept to the minimal on request of the groom as he wanted the wedding to be a small and private affair.

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Recalling about her guests list Gautam says:

“Actually, we tried to make it as less as possible (the guest list) -- I think Natasha's family was very considerate in that sense as well, because I told them it has to be as less as possible. We couldn't have cut more than that, it couldn't have been shorter, but we tried to invite very few and very close people, and we managed to do that.”

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Gautam and Natasha are doting parents to two lovely daughters – Aazeen, the elder one who was born in May 2014, and the younger one, who was born in June 2017.

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Isn’t Gautam and Natasha’s love story sweet? They make one ideal couple. We wish this beautiful match a life full of happiness and success.

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