Lighten Dark Skin Safely

Lighten Dark Skin Safely

Want to flaunt radiant and lighter skin? There are a number of dermatologist-approved skin whitening treatments and products which you can use. However, for safe skin lightening it is a good idea to use natural extracts. Find out more about them.

The skin-conscious crowd can look forward to a wide variety of skin whitening choices today with options such as topical whitening creams, bleaching sessions, laser treatments and even capsules or injections to lighten skin. The safest thing to do is accept the way you are and your skin colour. However that is not always possible and that’s why we have listed the safest natural means to lighten dark skin.

The herbal way

Extrapone nutgrass root and Arbutin, which is an extract of the bearberry plant have amazing skin whitening properties. You can also dry Solomon's Seal, Wild Strawberry and Ground Ivy Leaves and infuse them as tea leaves. You can use the liquid on your face for effective skin lightening. Licorice extract can be taken orally or its infusions can be consumed daily for skin lightening as well. A face mask made of horseradish, vinegar, lemon juice and rosemary essential oil is also effective to whiten pigmented skin.

From your fruit basket

Lemon juice works best to strip away darker skin layers and reveal the lighter skin underneath. You can use it for freckles and age spots as well. Avoid using it if you have citrus allergies and do not use it close to your eyes or on wounds. The enzyme papain found in papaya extract helps exfoliate and dissolve dead skin cells. This leaves your skin fairer and softer. Ground, dried orange peels when used with raw milk also help whiten skin.

Secrets from the kitchen

There are a number of traditional skin lightening remedies which use ingredients available in the kitchen. Rice powder and rice water is one of these remedies. With a high concentration of PABA (para aminobenzoic acid), ferulic acid and allantoin which act as sun protecting agents, you can use both rice powder and water for fairer and translucent skin. Bengal gram flour (besan) mixed with curd gives you a fairer, glowing complexion and can be used daily. A paste made using almonds (soaked overnight) and honey is great to make your skin whiter. You can even use a paste using sandalwood powder, lemon juice, tomato juice, and cucumber juice for brighter and lighter skin. Potato slices are also known for their bleaching effect. Turmeric powder when used with lime juice helps remove tan and lighten your skin colour.

Today, the market is flooded with fairness creams and skin lightening options. However you can use the home remedies listed in this article with a healthy diet for a smooth and glowing complexion. Take care of your skin the safe and natural way!

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