Light And Yummy Snacks For Late Night Weddings

Light And Yummy Snacks For Late Night Weddings

Some couples specifically arrange for wedding ceremonies to be carried out after midnight as if the mysteriousness of the night envelopes them during the most auspicious moments of their life. The charm of walking hand in hand around the holy pyre on a starry moonlit night remains incomparable.

The guests staying back comprise the important members of the bride as well as groom’s family and some close friends and cousins. Overall, it’s a very close knitted family affair. However, the guests burning the midnight oil just to watch the bride and groom say their vows will happily welcome light snacks and beverages as a distraction, either to indulge themselves or keep from dozing off. Anyway, it’s their due and here’s how you can serve them right:

1) Tea-herbal, lemon or the regular one

2) Freshly brewed coffee

3) Cookies and cup cakes

4) Nachos and salsa dip

5) Mini cheese rolls, which are light, crisp and yummy can also do the trick. Remember the guests have already had their dinner, so the snacks need to be light.

6) Dry fruits like roasted almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, peanuts and raisins

7) Chocolates and jellies to keep the taste buds alive and soothed

Late Night Reception

Late night revelries have become common during wedding receptions as the bridal couple dances its way to glory till the wee hours of the morning. Their friends and the family members in their late teens and twenties and early thirties join them during the late night celebrations. Therefore, the snacks and beverages should appeal to their taste buds, just like refreshingly simple and chilled, flavored champagne etc. The alcohol content need not be on the higher side.

Plan well for the snacks and include the regular munchies like cookies, wafers, popcorns, candies etc, but give them a stylish touch, one that befits a wedding reception. For example, let your guests choose the popcorn topping at the popcorn stations and accompany wafers with delicious, cheesy or spicy dips. Mini burgers, marguerite pizzas, donuts, sandwiches, candies and chocolates make for delicious pick and eat option.

In any case, resist the temptation to use the hors d'oeuvres served as appetizers before the main course. The guests may see this in a bad light, probably as a lack of effort or the intention to treat them in the best possible way. There is always the scope for innovative, light and yummy hors d'oeuvres for the late night wedding ceremonies and celebrations.   

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