Lesser-Known Facts About Bobby Deol's Wife, Tania Deol, Who Belongs To A Multi-Millionaire Family

Bobby Deol is one of the most versatile actors of Bollywood. While his popularity knows no bounds, a very little is known about his multi-millionaire wife, Tania Deol.


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Lesser-Known Facts About Bobby Deol's Wife, Tania Deol, Who Belongs To A Multi-Millionaire Family

Son of veteran actor, Dharmendra, Bobby Deol had made his acting debut in 1995 with the film Barsaat. His debut film had not only garnered him the Filmfare Best Debut Award but a lot of female fan following. Barsaat was followed by Gupt, Soldier, Badal, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, and Bobby soon became the crush of every girl and a huge sensation in the 90s. Owing to his good looks, Bobby received a lot of attention from girls across the country.

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However, Bobby had already fallen in love with the woman of his dreams, Tania Ahuja. It was love at first sight for Bobby, who had seen Tania at a restaurant and instantly fallen for her. Smitten by her beauty, Bobby tried to woo her and after several attempts managed to win her over. In 1996, Bobby and Tania had tied the knot and had embraced parenthood for the first time in 2002 and had welcomed their son, Aryaman Deol. They had welcomed their second son in November 2004 and had named him Dharam after his grandfather.

Bobby Deol with wife Tanya

All of us are well versed with Bobby Deol and his family, but not much is known about his wife, Tania Deol. Apart from the fact that she is the bahu of the Deol khaandaan and has always been a pillar of strength for her husband, Bobby, Tania hails from a wealthy family. Let’s take a look at the lesser-known details of this gorgeous star wife, who is no less than any Bollywood actress.

Who is Tania Deol?

Bobby Deol and Tanya Deol

Taniya Deol is the daughter of multi-millionaire banker, late Devendra Ahuja, who was the promoter of Centurion Bank and was also the MD of 20th Century Finance Company. Apart from Tania, Devendra has a son, Vikram Ahuja and another daughter, Munisha. The Ahuja family had a huge dispute when Bobby and Tania had gotten married in 1996, and Devendra had gotten into an affair with an air hostess, who was half his age.

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Owning to his affair, Devendra had moved out from their plush 5,000 square feet apartment at Cuffe Parade to an apartment at Nariman Point. Devendra’s wife had left him and his children, Vikram and Munisha had also distanced themselves from him. It was only Tania and Bobby, who had been his only support.

Tania got her father, Devendra Ahuja’s property

Bobby Deol with wife Tanya

In June 2010, Devendra Ahuja, through a public notice in newspapers had disowned his only son, Vikram Ahuja and had taken his name out of all his properties and businesses. It is alleged that Devendra Ahuja had apparently given his entire Rs 300 crore property and ownings, to his daughter, Tania. A Mumbai Mirror report had also stated that until 2010, Devendra Ahuja had been financing his son-in-law, Bobby Deol’s movies to save his drowning career.

Bobby Deol performed the last rights of Devendra Ahuja


After Devendra Ahuja’s death in August 2010, it was his son-in-law, Bobby Deol, who had performed his last rites and his own son, Vikram was not allowed to do so. In a 2010 interview with The Times of India, Vikram had talked about the same and had stated:

I am devastated. I was told by one of my uncles that it was on Agarwal and my sister Tania’s insistence that I was not allowed to perform my father’s last rites. We may have had professional differences, but never personal. He was my father and I loved him dearly.

Bobby Deol and Tania Deol

Vikram had also stated that his father, Devendra was biased towards Tania and Bobby and to get what is rightfully his, he had to move to the court for a legal battle.

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Bobby Deol’s take on Vikram’s accusations

Bobby Deol and Tania Deol

In an interaction with Huffington Post, Bobby Deol had addressed the accusations laid by his brother-in-law, Vikram and had said:

People believe that I got a load of money from my wife’s family. It’s ridiculous. My wife is involved in a legal battle with her brother and that has drained us.

Bobby Deol and Tania Ahuja’s love story

tanya ahuja

Bobby Deol had met Tania Ahuja at an Italian restaurant in Mumbai’s, Hotel President. Bobby was bowled over by Tania’s beauty and had lost his heart to her. After Tania had agreed to go on a date with Bobby and love blossomed between them, he had proposed his ladylove at the same café where he had first seen her.

Talking about how the South Bombay girl had fallen in love with the Casanova of Bollywood, Tania Deol had stated to designers, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla:

I went to play cards during the Diwali season at Chunky's (Panday) house, and Bobby came and he sat with me and we played cards at the same table. He kept losing to me, but he wouldn't pay me, he kept saying he'd take me out for a meal. I was like 'what's wrong with this guy?'

Bobby Deol

She had further revealed that Bobby had called her at an absurd hour of the night and since she was fast asleep, she didn’t entertain his call. On the next day, Tania had called all her friends but didn’t get any idea, who had called her. And on the other side, Bobby had thought her to be a ‘snooty girl’ for ignoring his call. But as destiny would have it, when Bobby called her again at a normal hour, they had ended up talking for seven hours.


Tania has always been Bobby’s pillar of strength through the thick and thin of his life. In an interview with BollywoodLife, Bobby had heaped praises on Tania and had said:

My wife has been like the pillar of my strength. She has stood by me through ups and downs, believed in me, in a way, she's tried motivating me many a time to move forward, and eventually, it's her belief and motivation that's made me reach where I am today. She's just an awesome woman and I am just so lucky that I am married to her.

Bobby Deol had completed 25 years in the industry and had his share of ups and downs. But throughout his journey of 25 years, his wife, Tania had been his constant cheerleader.

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