5-Months Pregnant Kishwer Merchantt Does Pregnancy Workout With Her Husband, Suyyash Rai [Video]

Kishwer Merchantt did a pregnancy workout with her coach and her husband, Suyyash Rai joined her. She shared a video, where the couple could be seen doing yoga and mat Pilates.


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5-Months Pregnant Kishwer Merchantt Does Pregnancy Workout With Her Husband, Suyyash Rai [Video]

After 4 years of married life and answering ‘Bacha Kab Karoge?’ for infinite time, Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai are all set to welcome a little baby in their lives. In the month of March 2021, Kishwer and Suyyash had announced their pregnancy and had shared that they are expecting their first baby in the month of August 2021. Kishwer was 2 months pregnant when she had gotten to know about her pregnancy and expecting at the age of 40 had come as a miracle for the couple.

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Kishwer and Suyyash have been ensuring that they do everything healthy in their power to make their pregnancy a smooth experience. While there will always be people who will always give you the list of do’s and don’ts during a pregnancy, ‘Sukish’ shows that there is nothing that a pregnant woman cannot do. The couple has been doing everything together, motivating every pregnant couple out there from dancing to work out. Suyyash and Kishwer have started a series on her YouTube channel where they are documenting their first pregnancy and this time it is all about pregnancy workout.

Suyyash and Kishwer

Taking to her IG handle, Kishwer shared a video montage of their ‘pregnancy workout’ video, which she has released on her YouTube channel. Kishwer can be seen working out under the guidance of her coach, when her hubby, Suyyash joins her. From yoga to mat Pilates, the couple performed every exercise keeping their baby in mind. Suyyash also joked about wanting to have a baby with abs, to which, Kishwer shunned him down. Sharing the video, Kishwer wrote, “Episode 3: goes live in a minute on my YouTube channel .. Pregnancy workout with my partner @suyyashrai.” 

Kishwer has been talking about her pregnancy experience and fears on her IG handle. Taking to her IG handle on April 2, 2021, Kishwer had shared a video, narrating her pregnancy experience so far. She had talked about everything she has faced or is facing during her pregnancy and every expecting mother can relate to it. From talking about developing thyroid to haemorrhoids, mood swings to itchy and painful breasts, people telling her what to eat to people asking her not to workout or dance, Kishwer had bared her heart out. While she had shared her first pregnancy experience and the problems that had accompanied it, she had also shared that once you are in this phase, you are ready to embrace it no matter what.

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Kishwer Merchantt

Sharing the video, Kishwer had written, “It's not all "Hunky Dory"!! A little about my pregnancy experience Cons: #thyroid #haemorrhoids #Itchybreasts #moodswings swings #stretchmarkoil Also talking about #zumba, working out and about eating mango, milk and ghee which is ok Pros: Last but not the least your partner which makes this journey amazing @suyyashrai.”

Later, Kishwer had also talked about her fear of labour pain in another video as she is approaching closer to her delivery month. Taking to her IG handle, Kishwer had shared a video talking about how she is scared of labour pain as her friends have narrated their delivery experience to her, adding more to her fear. She had talked about how she wants to go for normal delivery but might leave her final decision to the end moment. Kishwer had also talked about hypnobirthing and how the sessions make you get over your fear of labour pain. She had also shared that how C-section delivery is underestimated in our society and demeaned. Sharing the video, Kishwer had written, “What's your Pregnancy Fear? Mine is the due date "delivery" #normaldelivery #hypnobirthing #csection Share your stories too.”

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We wish Kishwer a healthy pregnancy!

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