Katrina Kaif Had An Epic Reaction When A Fan Begged Her To Marry Ex-Boyfriend, Salman Khan


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Katrina Kaif Had An Epic Reaction When A Fan Begged Her To Marry Ex-Boyfriend, Salman Khan

Almost all of the A-listed heroines of the B-town have found their soul mates, barring the 35-year-old gorgeousness, Katrina Kaif. While we really want to know (and we bet Katrina herself too!), who will finally win the heart and hand of the Bharat actress, who in Bollywood, do you think will be a suitable match for Katrina? While you ponder over this question, let us tell you some interesting details about a potential marriage spree of the Zero star. (Do Read: Ajay Devgn's Strong Statements Against Harsh Trolling His Daughter Nysa Devgan Has Faced)

Katrina had recently appeared in the famous ‘candid’ chat show, Famously Filmfare and we got to hear tonnes of details about Katrina’s singlehood, her equation with once BFF, Alia Bhatt after she started her ex-Ranbir and marriage. Remember when Filmfare editor-cum-host asked Katrina about everyone getting married? This is what Kat’s reaction was, “I am like everyone's getting married, wait. Don't leave me behind."



Katrina’s first big release in Bollywood was with superstar Salman Khan, who gave her, the best Bollywood big break and ever since, rumours were afloat that the duo were dating. Then came another set of rumours which suggested that Bollywood’s Kamli is in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor but soon enough, their relationship too, went kaput. And nothing but work is keeping Katrina busy these days. In the similar lines, Katrina was shown a comment that appeared on her Bharat poster, which suggested that she should get married to Salman Khan. The same could be read as, “Plz mam he [Salman Khan] is perfect for you plzzz shadi karlo please.” In a reply, Katrina laughed and said, “That's my reaction!”

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Remember that moment during Arpita Khan’s marriage, when Salman took take a dig at Katrina? To give you a fun flashback from the wedding, the doting brother Salman Khan had played the star host that night. Salman took to the stage to make the most of his sister’s wedding and suddenly, Katrina’s hit song Chikni Chameli started playing and Salman urged the lead of the song who was present at the wedding, to come on the stage along with Karan Johar. (Must Read: Abhinav Shukla's Befitting Reply To A Fan When Wife, Rubina Dilaik Was Trolled After Pulwama Attack)



A super-shy Katrina (who was then apparently dating Ranbir Kapoor), was trying to hide behind Karan, but was not spared. Salman, being at his witty self, called Katrina again by saying, “Karan please come here, and bring Katrina Kaif on stage…” When Katrina was embarrassingly hesitating, he said, “Ok fine, not Katrina Kaif. Katrina Kapoor, please come on stage!” By then, Katrina who was extremely embarrassed came to the stage. But then as well, she wasn’t spared! Taunting Katrina about her relationship with Ranbir, he had jokingly said, “Mai kya karoon… I gave you a chance to become Katrina Khan, but you chose to be ‘Katrina Kapoor’!”

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Well, got a cue? Recently, we shared with you, some throwback leaked images of Katrina and Ranbir holidaying together and how Salman had defended those pictures in Aap Ki Adaalat and shared, “Mujhe aisa lagta hai ki woh tasveerein na kuch woh publicity stunt tha aur woh morphed tasveerein hain. Kyunki mujhe nahin lagta ki woh...Ranbir toh honge hi par mujhe woh Katrina nahin lagti. Face hoga kisi aur ki body hogi..morphed tasveerein.” He had further added, “Par sochiye sir, koi chutti pe gaya hai personal holidays par aur kisi ne woh tasveer kheech ke daal diya hai. How disgusting! Yeh hamaari maa, beheno ke saath bhi ho sakta hai. How would you guys react when something like this happens with your wives or to your sisters. It's a disgusting thing.” Checkout the video here:



In an interview, Katrina revealed why she hasn’t been dating anyone for long, “Yesterday, my friend said this to me. She was actually discussing somebody, someone’s particular name and she was like, you know, what’s wrong with you, so on and I gave this very long answer and she is like, that’s your problem, you don’t know what it is to date, somebody. You don’t understand. You only have these heavy, intense relationships. You know all or nothing. This is all in-kind of...what do you call it, yeah! A relationship. You’ve never dated anyone. Like, dates are just easy, nice, casual thing. And I stopped for a minute and I realised that actually, she is 100 per cent true. That’s 100 per cent right. I really don’t know. I don’t honestly know that I ever feel to do that.” (Also Read: Neeti Mohan And Nihaar Pandya Finally Share Their Wedding Pics, Look Lovely As 'Just Married' Couple)

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In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Katrina opened up about how she had planned out her life and how it has turned to be. Revealing the same, she shared, “It was on my mind but it didn't work out and you have to keep following the path set for you in life. I don't stress about it now. I fought that battle and am at peace with the fact that some things didn't turn out the way I had hoped for. Now, I've left it to the universe and to God because I'm sure there's a bigger hand that shapes our destiny. What's happened to me so far has been unusual and fascinating, and I can't take credit for all of it. So, whoever is responsible, will look out for me in the future too.”

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Well Katrina, we hope that in 2019, you too join the bandwagon of married actresses in Bollywood! What say, guys?

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