Kashmera Shah V/S Sunita Ahuja Continues: Former Says Govinda Needs A Better Manager Than His Wife

Kashmera Shah slammed Sunita Ahuja for being a bad manager to her husband, Govinda as she feels he is a talented actor, sitting at home.


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Kashmera Shah V/S Sunita Ahuja Continues: Former Says Govinda Needs A Better Manager Than His Wife

Govinda and his nephew, Krushna Abhishek are often in a cold war. For a few years now, the two have been washing their dirty linens in public. However, this time their war of words have gone a notch higher as their respective wives have started addressing the same, slamming each other. From Sunita Ahuja calling Kashmera Shah a ‘bad daughter-in-law’, to the latter calling the star wife a ‘cruel mother-in-law’, the war is going nasty.

For the unversed, the fight between Krushna, Govinda, Sunita and Kashmera had erupted when the comedian had skipped an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, featuring his mama, Govinda and his wife, Sunita Ahuja. Sunita had expressed her anger over the same and had also stated that she never wants to see Krushna's face. She had also passed a sly remark on Kashmera and had said that problems in a house crop up when a 'bad daughter-in-law' enters. Since then, Kashmera has been slamming her self-proclaimed, mother-in-law, every now and then.

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Kashmera shah on their tiff with sunita and govinda

Now, while interacting with the paps, Kashmera Shah shared that she wants her husband, Krushna Abhishek to work with his mama, Govinda. She also mentioned that Govinda needs a better manager, indirectly firing shots at his wife, Sunita Ahuja, who is currently managing his work. She said:

“If he fires his current manager and gets a good manager who actually wants him to get good work, then things can happen. Jo abhi unka kam dekh raha hai is very bad. Govinda ji is a very talented actor and he should not be sitting at home.” 

Kashmera Shah Gives A Savage Reply To Govinda's Wife Sunita Ahuja, Calls Her A 'Cruel Mother-In-Law'

Kashmera also mentioned that their family is filled with talented people, but no one motivates them to work. The actress also added that she will not sit idle at home like others and will make the most of her husband’s talent by working with him. She said:

“I also want to be part of that family like the Salman Khan family... They always push their people. Why can’t each family be like that? I wish Krushna’s family had pushed him. Had they done that it would have been beneficial to the entire family. They are filled with great, talented people but koi kisi ko push nahi karta.”

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Earlier, Kashmera had responded to Sunita's remarks and had even called her a 'cruel mother-in-law'. She had taken to her Twitter handle and had tweeted:

"Had a work trip to the States so just got back and am reading about “people” washing their hands off on Our family feud. While reading one statement my son asked me what is a Bad Daughter In Law? I replied, “One that Got A Cruel Mother In Law” #checkmate."

Kashmera Shah Comment

During an interview with Aaj Tak, Kashmera Shah had talked about her husband, Krushna Abhishek being humiliated for not shooting the episode of The Kapil Sharma Show featuring Govinda and Sunita. Taking a dig at Sunita for blaming Krushna, Kashmera had said:

"Krushna ko lekar faltu baatein karte hain. Ho sakta hai uss episode mein Krushna ki zaroorat na padi ho. Lekin kaun samjhae ye baat. Waise aapko mujhe poochna hai toh Priyanka Chopra ka poocho, Katrina ka poocho, ye Sunita kaun hai. Maine khud apna naam kamaya hai. Meri pehchaan kisi ki patni ke roop mein nahi di jaati. Toh main aise logon ke baare mein baat hi nahi karna chahti hu."

Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah

Kashmera had earlier said that their family feud had begun when Govinda and Sunita did not come to see their newborn kids!

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