Kajol Devgan Is A Super Mommy For Her Kids, Nysa Devgan And Yug Devgan

Kajol is not just an exceptional actress but also an amazing mommy. Scroll down to know more about her relationship with her kids, Nysa Devgan and Yug Devgan!


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Kajol Devgan Is A Super Mommy For Her Kids, Nysa Devgan And Yug Devgan

It is said that God could not be physically present with everyone, that's why he created mom! Well, it was definitely a clever move as mom are the ones, who are running the world and making every decision for her kids (no matter whether they are six or fifty-six). A mother is the first word, we all learn to speak. When we knew nothing about the world outside, our moms used to protect us and keep us safe. From managing home to managing kids, a mother is the only one who perfectly aces her every role. And a perfect example of it is super mommy and Bollywood actress, Kajol.

Before we take you further into the story, let us take a look at Kajol Devgan and her 'mister', Ajay Devgn's love story. It was on February 24, 1999, when the duo had tied the knot. However, Kajol had to do a lot to convince her parents, and her father had not even talked to her for few weeks as he didn't wanted his daughter to leave the industry. Almost their entire friend circle and film industry had stated that their marriage will not work, but Kajol and Ajay has shut their mouths by creating a strong union.

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#1. Two Miscarriages But Never Let Her Hope Down 

We all love Kajol's bindaas attitude and her love for kids, but not many know that before embracing motherhood she had two miscarriages. In an interview with Humans of Bombay, Kajol had opened up on the same and had shared, "I wanted a long honeymoon–so we travelled to Sydney, Hawaii, Los Angeles… But 5 weeks into it, he fell sick & said, ‘Baby, book me on the next flight home!’ We were supposed to do Egypt, but we cut it short.Over time, we began planning to have kids. I was pregnant during K3G, but had a miscarriage. I was in the hospital that day, the film had done so well, but it wasn’t a happy time. I had another miscarriage after that, it was tough. But eventually, it worked out–we had Nysa and Yug and our family’s complete."

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#2. Kajol Is Her Daughter's Best Friend

It is rightly said a mother is her daughter's first best friend, and Kajol proves it right! The mother-daughter duo not only share amazing looks but they also share a lot more. In an interview with the DNA, the gorgeous mommy had revealed that she shares shoes, manicure and pedicure with her daughter. Kajol had also said, "We have that kind of a relationship where we are able to talk to each other about a lot of things. But not everything because at the end of the day, I’m her mother. I still scold her and she will be like, ‘But whyyyy mom!’. So, overall, we are in a good space.”

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#3. Chilled-Out Mommy Of The Year

Kajol's daughter, Nysa believes that her mom is a chilled-out mommy. During the quarantine, Kajol had shared her daughter's quarantine diary, wherein, we can hear Nysa calling her mom the coolest. She had said in the video that she thinks she and her mother (Kajol) are very much like each other. Her mom is way more chill than her. She also revealed that both of them are really loud and that both of them don’t really have a filter.

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#4. Never Shies Away From Learning From Her Munchkins

Kajol never shies away from learning important parenting lessons from her kids. In fact, she openly flaunts her kids intellect. On Kareena Kapoor Khan's radio show, What Women Want, Kajol had shared an incident that made us change her habit of yelling at her kids. She had shared, "I was firing Nysa for not sitting with us. There was a Mata Ki Chowki at home and I was like, 'Nysa, come and sit with us. We are sitting here, why are you sitting at the table?’ She said, ‘Mumma, I really don’t want to.’ I really got angry and I said, ‘Come here and sit down!’ So after she came, sat and left, my son turned around, sat in my lap quietly and told me, ‘You know, mom, you shouldn’t fire her for telling the truth.’"

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#5. Balancing Work And Her Kids With An Ace

Kajol always strikes the perfect balance between her kids and her work life. In an interview on What Women Want, Kajol had talked about the guilt of working mom and shared her own experience. She had stated, "My son came up to me and he was like, ‘Mom, why do you have to go to work?’ I was like, ‘You remember playtime? Nobody stops you from playtime…So this is my playtime and you have to let me go, with a nice happy face."

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#6. Kajol The Insta-Mommy

Kajo has been learning technology from her kids and she is not afraid of admitting it. In the fact paced world of Instagram and podcasts, Kajol is not far behind because of her munchkins. In an interview with Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kajol had shared that she has been definitely picking up her kids habits in music. She had also learnt the art of clicking selfies and what looks good on Instagram and what is cool on Instagram is also taught by her kids. 

Well, Kajol is a mommy-cool and she never shies away from showing her love for her two munchkins! 

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