Janhvi Kapoor Gives The Best Career Advice To Baby Sister, Khushi Kapoor Before Her Bollywood Debut

We are eagerly waiting for the Bollywood debut of Janhvi Kapoor's baby sister, Khushi Kapoor. Recently, Janhvi shared the best career advice for Khushi before her Bollywood debut.


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Janhvi Kapoor Gives The Best Career Advice To Baby Sister, Khushi Kapoor Before Her Bollywood Debut

The bond between sisters is the purest, no matter how much they argue they cannot be drawn apart. Sisters will always love each other from heart, she is the one who will stay in your life when everyone will leave and she will stick with you through thick and thin. Sisters will fight like crazy but when someone will raise their voice on you, she will be the first one to stand for you. Having a sister means having a best friend, who will never let you go no matter how many differences comes in between you. She will be rock solid by your side in times of happiness and sorrows. She acts as a mirror for you, she will not shy away in giving you judgments and will not take a step back when you will need her. (Recommended Read: Farhan Akhtar's GF, Shibani Dandekar Bonds With Akhtar Family At Javed Akhtar's Birthday Exhibition)    

The Kapoor sisters share such close-knit bond with each other. If you are wondering that we are talking about Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan, then you are mistaken as we are talking about the younger Kapoor sisters duo, Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor. Janhvi and Khushi never fail to impress us with their fashion and style statements and have time and again proved that they are one of the most adored sisters on the block. The sisters always manage to make every head turn with their lovely camaraderie and the bond that they share gives complex to every sibling out there. Janhvi had made her Bollywood debut with the movie, Dhadak and post her debut, there were speculations that Khushi too will make her debut soon.

janhvi and khushi

Khushi Kapoor also wants to be an actor just like her sister, Janhvi Kapoor and she has started her preparations for the same. In an interview with Rajeev Masand, Janhvi shared one piece of advice that she will give to her sister to prepare her for a career in Bollywood. She was quoted as saying, “I think one of the biggest learnings that I have had in the limited time I have spent in the industry is that at every given point of time, there are enough people that will tell you enough to make you feel that you are amazing and there are enough that will say enough to make you feel completely worthless. You need to somewhere not be delusional.”

Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor further talked about how the fame that comes with the profession can misguide you and how she wants her sister, Khushi Kapoor to not get carried away by the same. She stated, “I don’t know about other things but I think that this is something that I have figured out. I know where I stand. I know my shortcomings, my potential and I know where I am in the scheme of things. I know where I can go and want to go, and all of those things. Yeah, that’s one thing I would want to tell her.” (Suggested Read: 'Shershaah' Sidharth Malhotra Celebrates His 35th Birthday With Rumoured Girlfriend, Kiara Advani)

Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor

On Anaita Shroff Adajania’s chat show, Feet Up with the Stars, Janhvi Kapoor had talked about her sister, Khushi Kapoor and the bond they share. Before talking about their camaraderie, Janhvi had then confirmed Khushi's admission to the New York Film Academy as she had finalised to have a career in acting. After mulling over a modeling career earlier, Khushi had finally decided what she wants to do. Janhvi had shared, “She is going to NYFA. Then after she comes back, she will figure what she wants to do.” However, Janhvi and their papa, Boney Kapoor were a bit wary of Khushi’s decision, “I’m getting palpitations just thinking about Khushi going to... He (Boney) just has to think about it and he’ll start crying.”

Boney Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor

Speaking in length about their sisterhood, Janhvi Kapoor had revealed what do they fight about. The Dhadak actress had said, “We share our clothes, but we have this thing that if you steal without telling, then it’s a thing. At this point, I don’t care. She still like... She’s very righteous, so she is like, ‘You cannot take something without asking.’ She feels like she needs to inculcate manners in me. So that’s where it’s coming from.”

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During Dhadak promotions, Janhvi Kapoor had spoken about Khushi Kapoor’s career choices and her Bollywood debut. She had said in an interview, “That's for her to answer." During the promotions of her last film, MOM, Sridevi Kapoor was asked about the career choice that her youngest daughter, Khushi Kapoor is willing to make. To which, Sridevi had replied, “Yes, Khushi says she wants to get into modelling. Pehle, she wanted to become a doctor. Phir doctor se lawyer and now it’s modelling. So, I am waiting for the shock to happen.” Only later in 2018, Boney Kapoor had spoken about the career change that Khushi is opting for and had stated, “And Khushi first wanted to become a model – but has now shifted her focus to becoming an actress."  (Must Read: Anushka Sharma Pens A Heartfelt Note Expressing How Proud She Is Of Her Papa Ajay Sharma On Army Day)

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We can’t wait to see Khushi Kapoor making her Bollywood debut soon!

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