Influencer Bride, Niki Mehra Opens Up On Finalising 'Sagan' Outfit Over A Video Call From Pakistan

Influencer bride, Niki Mehra had dropped our jaws with her 'oh-so-stunning' bridal outfits. Recently, in an interview with, Niki talked about her bridal trousseau!


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Influencer Bride, Niki Mehra Opens Up On Finalising 'Sagan' Outfit Over A Video Call From Pakistan

In April 2022, one wedding had left the entire nation in awe. And no, we aren't talking about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's wedding. The one bride that made the entire internet go green with envy is none other than influencer bride, Niki Mehra. She is a born fashionista, and one look at her Instagram feed, you will get tons of inspiration on how to style a basic black dress to a classy Indian suit.

However, it was Niki's offbeat bridal ensembles that everyone had fallen in love with. From her white heena with a white 3-D gown to selecting a sagan outfit from a Pakistani designer over a video call, there is a hint of 'Nikiness' in her every look. Recently, in an exclusive interview with, the fashion influencer, Niki talked about her thoughts behind curating these jaw-dropping looks for her wedding.

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Selecting an outfit over a video call from across the borders

The bride, Niki's sagan outfit had left us stunned. She had ditched the Indian designers for her first function and had opted for an outfit from a designer label across the border. We asked her the reason behind it, Niki said she had already bought Indian ensembles and wanted to do something hatke for her sagan. She said:

"When I was sitting down to decide my first wedding function outfit, my stylist and I knew that the Indian designs make some beautiful and very intricating ones and all my outfits were Indian designers which were already bought. So, I wanted to do something different and when we looked at this particular piece, we felt like the combination and the work was so different and so unusual and just like that I think we decided to go for it.”

When we asked Niki about her decision and how difficult it was to select an outfit over a video call. She shared that for her it was really easy as she had got the perfect fit. She shared:

"So my Sagan outfit was the only one that we decided over a video call and for the others I was obviously at the store and it wasn’t difficult at all honestly as it was really smooth. I think I lucked out because my outfit fit perfectly according to my measurement. I can only imagine the trouble if sometimes it doesn’t fit perfectly and then I have to send it back and all that can be a little tricky. But for me that really didn’t happen."

White heena with a white gown for sundowner bash

Another look that left everyone in awe of Niki's style is her Sundowner bash outfit. She looked like a flower princess during her beach bash. While she had looked straight out of a modern fairytale, she had added an Indian touch to it with her white heena. Talking about the same, Niki said:

"So, the mood board for my sundowner look was all white and I knew that I wanted to stay true to the theme you know. Because as a bride you can wear anything even if everyone else is following the theme but I wanted to stick to the theme. Now you know, people do golden tattoos specially when it’s a beach sundowner. But at the end of the day it was an Indian wedding so I just replaced those golden tattoos with white heena because I felt like it was the perfect blend of an Indian beach function.”

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Ditching the red lehenga and opting for pastels

Niki had ditched the red lehenga and had opted for a pastel one with seashell kaleeras. When we asked her about donning a pastel lehenga for the wedding day, the fashionista said that her heart was struck by pastels. She said:

"Well, I think just like any other bride I also had a lot of fun and it’s very stressful at the same time because I don’t think selecting an outfit is very easy. It is only when you get down to shortlisting outfits, when you kind of figure out what kind of a bride you want to be because growing up all along I thought I would wear all red on my wedding day but when I was actually looking at the outfits I was somehow always drawn to more pastel colours you know. So, It was a great process I mean the excitement when the outfit came, when you are trying the outfit and finalizing it and also stressed to see how the final look came altogether. But I am just glad the way it all happened.”

We are hooked to Niki's every look, in fact, we keep an eye on her post-wedding outfits too! Which one is your favourite look? 

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