Indian Weddings In USA

Indian Weddings In USA

The growing number of immigrants with Indian roots in USA has the country witnessing lavish and traditional Indian weddings. As the bride, groom, and invitees to the weddings are usually familiar with both Western and Indian culture, the wedding ceremonies often seamlessly combine the best of both worlds. Broadening boundaries has seen a rise in cross-cultural marriages too.

Which Partner Will You Choose?

In earlier days, NRIs would prefer their sons and daughters to marry someone within their community. As the number of Indians living in USA was little and often not of the same caste or religion, the bride or groom had to be found back in India. Marriages within the community, especially with another NRI, meant a continuation of traditions and better understanding between the partners.

Back in India, NRI status became a prerequisite in the matrimonial market. It became a symbol of dollars and high status. So much so, that other considerations were overlooked resulting in NRI marriages falling apart. This tends to happen when a thorough background check of the prospective groom and bride is not done, and the possibility of the groom and bride not connecting with each other isn’t considered.

Today, owing to growing independence and an exposure to a multicultural way of living, people often choose their life partners and parents usually accept their decisions. This has led to an increase in inter-religious and inter-caste marriages as well as inter-racial marriages. The latter is still a small but growing number.

Celebration Time

Once you have zeroed in on the partner, it is time to plan the wedding. And how NRIs love this! While they may be away from India, weddings are still traditional and elaborate. Mehendi and sangeet, saat pheras and mouth watering feasts, are very much a part of Indian weddings in USA, and are frequently created based on themes. Bollywood is a favorite theme.

Wedding planners specializing in Indian weddings are popping up in USA too. They understand the customs and traditions of Indians and know exactly where to find everything and everyone to get the wedding off the ground in style.

A section of NRIs are keen on destination weddings. As India is one of the hottest places for destination weddings, they bring their weddings to Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ranthambhore, Kerala, and Goa.

The popularity of Indian weddings is such that many Americans have also begun to opt for the Indian weddings, which are full of color, vibrancy, and are a feisty affair.

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