If She Has These 19 Qualities Then You Sure Are Dating An Intelligent And Mature Woman


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If She Has These 19 Qualities Then You Sure Are Dating An Intelligent And Mature Woman

There are certain traits that help you figure out the difference between a young girl, a lady and a mature, intelligent and confident young woman. All three are wonderful in their own way, but it is only if you are with the third type that your relationship sails smoothly. They are fearless, loving, giving and desirable. So, if you too are in a relationship and are wondering what your girlfriend is like, you need to read this article and analyse whether or not she has the following qualities. And if she does, then you are one lucky fellow!

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#1. They show gratitude

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They appreciate whatever they already have instead of cribbing for what they don’t. They show gratitude, say thank you and never feel that accepting their mistake and saying sorry will make them any less of a person.

#2. They don’t involve their friends into their relationship

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They don’t believe in washing their dirty laundry in public nor do they make their love life a story for all to know. What’s personal is strictly personal for them, no matter what!

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#3. They are goal-oriented

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They are motivated and have a strong drive. They want to be something someday and have a name of their own that stands out in the crowd. Being around such a positive person makes you want to be like them too!

#4. They are dreamers

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They understand that only if they dream big and work towards achieving it, someday, their dreams will come true. And they just don’t categorise as day dreamers, they make it happen!

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#5. They give space and take it back too

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They understand the value of giving their partner space. They don’t get jealous of what he is doing or where he is going and also, that by giving each other some time to themselves, no love is lost between the two. And yes, she takes her space too by right!

#6. They can keep secrets

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Even if you tell her your deepest and darkest secrets, you can be sure that they will remain safe, only between the two of you. She knows that they won’t be called secrets if they were to be shouted out loud.

#7. If she says I love you, she means it to the core

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She doesn’t take these three words lightly. If she says it, she means it and she will stand by her words forever.

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#8. They are super confident

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They don’t let anyone rule them or suppress their thoughts. They know who they are, what they want and will never settle for anything else but only that!

#9. They value and nurture every other relationship they have

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As soon as they hook up with you, they don’t forget the other important relationships in their life. They make time for every important person in their life, with or without you, and also manage to give you all the time you require!

#10. They are focused

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They value life and know that it is not worth wasting by being ordinary. They are focused to achieve their goals and follow a certain kind of discipline to achieve them.

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#11. They are happy for whatever their partner achieves

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They are proud of their partner’s achievements. Whatever be the digit count of his salary, they have faith in him and his abilities and always motivate him to do better. They also leave no opportunity to show him off!

#12. They believe in making joint decisions

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Money matters, buying furniture, shifting, deciding a restaurant etc; no matter how small or big the decision might be; they prefer it to be a joint one with the consent of both!

#13. They don’t need to be pampered all the time

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Yes, they like being pampered and talked to with all that love sometimes, but not always. They live in the real, practical world and want to be treated like a normal individual. Other things that are significant and not childish make them happy instead.

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#14. They say what they feel

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Upfront and direct! They are not afraid to be genuine and honest about their thought on you or anything else. They’d rather be real than sugar coat the false!

#15. They keep their identity intact

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They don’t change themselves to please anyone. They stand by their ideals. They are what they are! You can love them, you can hate them but you can never ignore them!

#16. They have their priorities set in place

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Be it their work or other relationship in their lives, they believe in prioritising always. Yes, you are important to them, but they have other commitments in life too. They fulfill each priority on time and never hold any regrets.

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#17. They live for themselves too

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Yes, they give all their time and love to their partner, but at the same time, they don’t forget themselves too. They make time for themselves to take care of their grooming, getting some alone cafe time, hanging out with friends or pursuing their hobbies.

#18. They appreciate the good instead of cursing the bad

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They show gratitude! They feel fortunate for all that they have and never forget to thank the Lord for the same. They are content and satisfied souls and not cribbers!

#19. They focus on looking good and dressing up well

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Because you get only one life, why not look good and make heads turn, right? And, they do it not only to impress you, but to feel good themselves too!

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Having all these wonderful qualities doesn’t tag them of being demanding, over confident or dominating. It only goes on to show their good education, values and upbringing. Not only are they wonderful and confident people, but their personality lures you to be more like them too. So, if you are with a woman with all the above traits, you sure are on the right track mate!

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