How Your Relationship Affects Your Sex Life

How Your Relationship Affects Your Sex Life

There is more to sex than the physical act of intercourse and it is not wise to expect a good sex life without a strong bond in your relationship. There should be a candidness and honesty in your relationship in order to experience the pleasure of intimate sex. The deeply felt gratification from sex can occur only when you have a mutually fulfilling emotional bond with your partner.

Some of the relationship factors that have a strong influence on your sex life are:

Intimacy and the spark of romance

Intimacy means the reassurance and trust that you feel with a person close to you. A successful relationship is always built around intimacy brought about by trust. If you lack faith in your partner, it does not augur well for the longevity or emotional fulfillment in your relationship. Romance can always be worked upon but not trust.

Monotonous sex

Quite often the spark in sex life fizzles out because of monotony in having sex. This is the real test of a relationship. If you bond with your partner at an emotional level, it should not be difficult to engage in conversation to keep the relationship alive and try to find out solutions even if professional help is needed.

Varying levels of sexual desire

There can be a mismatch between the level of sexual desire of your partner and yours. In fact this is almost always the case that one of the partners has a fiercer sex drive. It can bring about resentment and conflicts. If there is empathy in you for your partner’s needs, and you are willing to mould yourself according to his/her comfort level of sex, things would get easier for you.

Lack of communication

To resolve any issue in a relationship, it is important that you are candid yet careful with your partner about what you need. It should not trouble you in the least to suggest what you want in bed or what you dislike that the partner does. You should try to build trust and intimacy with your partner with effective communication. In good relationships, people are able to judge the mood of their partner, and also what they need in their current state of mind. This helps them to have completely satisfying sex which further strengthens their bond.

Sexless relationships

Most people of the world cannot do without sex in a relationship but there are some who can do without it too, and still have a fulfilling relationship. In some cases, partners become weary of sex but grow so fond and emotionally dependent on each other that they cannot contemplate separation. If you feel like this about your relationship, discuss it with your partner whether he/she is comfortable with the idea.

It is important that you are intimate with your partner rather than insist on having great sex. As explained above, even good sex life depends on how you bond with your partner.

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