How To Look Good Naked

How To Look Good Naked

Thanks to being exposed to the images of toned, airbrushed bodies of actors and models on magazine covers for years, we expect everyone (including ourselves!) to look picture-perfect. Even a single comment about your weight or complexion or body hair can drive you crazy, especially when you are about to get married. This holds true more for girls who are already going through the wedding planning stress and the nervousness of the wedding night.

But dear ladies, do remember that all the planning related stress will slowly disappear once things start falling into place. As far as the wedding night is concerned, you need not be self-conscious at all as we are here to help you. You just need to put in a little effort and learn the art to flaunt your best (even when you do not have clothes to hide under), to guarantee the perfect beginning of your marriage. Here is how:

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Look your best

Even though you need not be too self-conscious, there are some things that you really need to take care of to feel confident without the clothes.

  • Keep fit: Get moving, now! A fit and toned body will always makes you feel confident and look great. So start with jogging, cycling, yoga or aerobics- whatever suits you best. The difference will be noticeable once you start taking the efforts.
  • Mind what you eat: It has been proved that light and healthy food can make you feel lighter and fitter than mindless snacking. Include as many citrous fruits, colourful vegetables, leafy greens, etc. in your diet to stock up on healthy calories and vitamins to get a leaner body.

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  • Squeaky clean: Make sure you make an appointment at the spa for a full body waxing, cleansing and exfoliation. Your regular shower gel cannot take off dead skin, tan and grime as efficiently as a good body spa can.
  • Pamper yourself: After exfoliation, go for a relaxing body massage or a body polishing session, which is at least an hour-long. This will keep your body supple and moisturised. Go for it three to four days prior to the wedding.
  • Lingerie essentials: What you wear right before you get into your natural best matters a lot. Well-fitting, pretty-looking and seductive lingerie is an absolute must! Not only will it give you the confidence to flaunt your body, but it will also ease you into undressing.
  • Shower: Even if you have had your pre-bridal spa session, do not forget to shower right before your big night. Just to feel cleaner and fresher, and to relax a bit more.

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Carry it well

After you have taken all the efforts to get in shape, scrub yourself clean and wear pretty lingerie, it is important to know ‘how to flaunt it’ as well. Here are some points that will come handy next.

  • Makeup matters: Remember, even if you are without your clothes, you need not go completely naked; you can still wear your basic makeup! A hint of gloss, subtle shimmery blush or bronzer and seductive eye makeup will make you look like the ultimate style diva even without clothes.
  • Be super confident: It is rightly said- beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He has chosen you as his wife and obviously finds you attractive and sexy already! Keep this firmly in mind on the wedding night to be your seductive and confident best.

  • Maintain eye-contact: Take your time to talk yourself out of any embarrassment or awkwardness and maintain eye-contact. Nothing can be more appealing for him than his beautiful wife looking at him confidently.
  • Stand right: The right posture is the most important thing to remember here. Slouching, standing carelessly with drooping shoulders, hands hanging down awkwardly, are a huge turn off no matter much you have prepared. Make sure to stand straight, tummy tucked in, and strike a pose if you wish to! Having your hand on the side of your waist is the safest bet.
  • Smile all the way: A smile can convey a million emotions all at once! Your shyness, your love for him, the nervousness and a naughty hint to it will set a definite romantic mood.
  • Lighting: Lighting plays a huge role in making you feel and look good. It would be best to keep the lights dim. Or better still, light some aroma candles if you can. The romantic yellow lights and the enticing shadows will do the magic. Not only will it set the mood, but will also make you feel more confident and attractive than in the glaring white lights.

Go that extra mile

So, all set? We have some more suggestions in case you wish to put in some extra efforts to look absolutely fabulous and make him feel special.

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  • Accessorise well: Wear some sexy accessories to flaunt your natural best. A slim gold chain around the waist, a trinket around your wrist, a bracelet with pretty charms, a jewelled anklet or anything that you really like can be worn to accentuate your look.
  • Mimic lean: Did you know you could actually mimic lean, long legs? Wear stilettos, at least for this big night, and see how dramatically your legs transform into those of a supermodel!
  • Shimmer all over: We have already told you about makeup, but here is how you can take it a step ahead. Apply a shimmering or illuminating moisturiser all over your body. Illuminating moisturisers make your body shine just perfectly, without appearing too shiny or made-up. But, just make sure that you do not overdo it!
  • Smell great: Make sure you smell your best. Rather than spraying it all over, dab some warm perfume on your wrists and sides of your neck to get just a hint of fragrance. (For a more enticing touch, do dab a little bit of fragrance behind your ears as well. When the night turns exciting, you will know why we suggested this!)

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Armed with these tips, there is no reason why you should be worried or nervous about flaunting your natural best. Are you feeling confident already?

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