How To Choose Engagement Gown According To The Body Type


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How To Choose Engagement Gown According To The Body Type

These days our brides incorporate a spectrum of colours and cultures in their weddings. From a traditional lehenga to the modern sunnies and dhotis; they flaunt it all. When it comes to their engagement, our brides-to-be have a soft spot for the flowy gowns.

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With delicate designs and beautiful colours, gowns give our brides a modern touch. But with so many options available, it is difficult to find the one that is perfect for you. So, it's always better to choose your engagement gown according to your body type to look perfect on your important day. Here are some tips for you:

#1. Apple-shaped

With heavy bust, shoulders and arms, apple-shaped women can rock most of the western dresses with ease. Their problem area is their upper body. Since their waist isn't well-defined and shoulders are broad, it is hard for them to create an illusion of the curves.

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The first thing to keep in mind while buying your engagement gown is to stay away from gowns with many tulles as it will make you look like a square block. Go for plunging or deep ones as far as the necklines are concerned. Choose a gown that hugs your waistline. You can even go for a corset to make your waistline visible.

#2. Pear-shaped

Most Indian women are blessed with a pear shaped body, which makes them look like sultry goddesses in Indian wear. These women have a narrow upper body, a well-defined midriff and curvaceous buttocks. Their lower body is distinctly heavier than their upper body.

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Such women should give more attention to the skirt of the gown while making the purchase. See that the skirt eases out into soft A-line from the waist down. This will not add any extra inches to your lower body, but will showcase your slender waist. Deep V-necklines will do their slender shoulders the justice.

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#3. Hourglass

With hips and shoulders of equal width and a well-defined waist, an hourglass figure is considered to be the best. These women can blindly walk into a store and pick up whatever they want.

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Since you have the curves at all the right places, why not flaunt them? A mermaid gown will do your curves the justice. It will wrap your body in such a way that you will look like a Greek goddess.

#4. Petite

With slender and small bodies, petite women have an advantage of looking younger. They have small busts and buttocks. To find a perfect gown for them isn't difficult if they keep a few things in mind.

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Their best fit is a column gown. It is neither too flared nor too body hugging. It will not overwhelm your body by shadowing you. It follows body's natural line which makes you look a little taller too.

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#5. Square-shaped

Everybody is beautiful and one of a kind. As the name suggests, the width of the shoulders, hips and the waist of the square-shaped women are almost the same. They should find a dress that could create an illusion of curves in their bodies.

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Square-shaped women have the ultimate advantage when it comes to choosing their gowns. They can make your childhood dream come true and don a beautiful ball gown on your engagement day. Go for really soft necklines and do away with sleeves. We are sure they are going to look like a princess on your engagement.

#6. Voluptuous

Women who are blessed with curves fall under this category. These women have well-defined bust and hips. It is a known fact that these women look amazing in Indian wear. If you fall into this category and want to wear a gown on your engagement, consider the following points.

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Go for an empire dress and look like a queen on your engagement. It has a flowy skirt that hangs on the curves just perfectly. Make sure that your gown has an empire seam. Stay away from plates and you are good to go.

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There is always something special for everyone. All you need is a smart strategy to find your perfect fit. Ladies, keep these points in your mind while shopping for the dress that you will remember for the rest of your life and we are sure that you will look like a princess in your gown. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.